Top Groups
1Donut BowlThe Greatest Pool of the Year25+17,295640.56
3S~N~TThis is ALL YOUR FAULT25+17,708632.43
4Bowl Fest 2019-202035+23,302629.78
5Sad Jags Fans"There's always next year"20+2,887131.23
6Sports Fans Forever (co)We are Sports Fans Forever25+15,658626.32
7No Cat A in 2020We don't pay to play, that's No Cat A20+15,024626.00
8BOISEEEEESTATE1st 300, 2nd 150, 3rd 50.25+15,648625.92
9Dawg Pack 1820+2,936133.45
10ATL Dawgs Bowl Pick 'EmNext Year is Our Year20+13,765625.68
11UDawgFansPurple Reign45+6,195131.81
12CFL Bowl Pool35+23,094624.16
13Bowl Pick Em '1920+13,107624.14
14The Draft Network Pick'EmCome win some TDN swag25+2,841129.14
15Orlando Bowl Pickem30+3,996128.90
16Winter Park Diamond Dawgs25+0,66323.68
1727inarow.comThe REAL 27inarow group25+15,577623.08
18TaylorMadeBowlsIt's a holiday every day with the bowls. It's time to have fun!50+6,576131.52
19That Trophy Looks HeavyWe ain't come to play school20+14,940622.50
20Pick'em Board BuddiesNo such thing as too many bowl games!30+19,290622.26
21JC Extravaganza50+36,695621.95
22Coach Davis WS13-51 in SEC since Bobby P 25+15,542621.68
2312th Annual Bowl Pool 878930420+0,51023.18
24STL Bowl Pool 2019-20Every Game counts100+12,666129.24
25Air Force WarriorsKick Ass Early and Often20+13,676621.64
26Lick On My BowlsYou can pick your bowls but you can't pick your friends' bowls20+2,692128.19
27Texags.comWe Know Stuff!40+24,865621.63
28Bushwackers BowlThe rules are, there ain't no rules!25+16,160621.54
29Pete's Poollet's go bowling!25+16,769621.07
31The Real Tigers are in BR35+22,962620.59
32Zims 17th Annual Pick Em25+3,564127.29
33LNG College Bowl ManiaIn to win!20+14,855618.96
34The River RunnersRollin' Rollin' Rollin' Down the River40+27,202618.23
35Bowls Out 201920+0,48722.14
36Yahoo Hates the BowlsHacked by Russians35+4,782125.84
37Hutch Cresse45+28,426617.96
38GOING BOWLING 201925+14,805616.88
39Plante - NCAA Bowl 201830+4,036126.13
40Bamaboytry not to suck this year20+14,161615.70
41CutterzNRedneksliving in the past20+12,920615.24
43Shark PoolCarolina Sucks!20+14,760615.00
45420 or Bustpuff, puff, pass45+29,493614.44
46CLEPicks Bowl PickEmGood Luck70+1,59421.84
47Bowl Games 2019 593584A severed foot is the ultimate stocking stuffer.20+2,757125.32
48Lincoln's College FB PoolChoose wisely...25+15,975614.42
49PSJ College BowlRide or Die25+2,881125.26
50toray$20 dollars to play30+20,886614.29


Pick all 41 winners correctly and win $1 MILLION! Additional prizing includes trips to the 2020-21 CFP Nat'l Champ. game and more!

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