Top Groups
1DFW Pickem50+11,383494.91
2The GashouseSkirting the Rules a Bit140+21,136491.53
4Gamblers & Fools#SukIt80+10,791490.50
5Da BOLT's Pickers 2018Saturday's Rule90+19,539488.48
6Spurge Pick EmGet signed up70+15,628488.38
7Palmetto Pigskin 201780+10,594481.55
9420 or BustSmoking and not choking that's the way we ball.90+14,355478.50
10No Cat AWe don't pay to play, that's No Cat A90+14,808477.68
11Dixie Land Delight 2018Respect the Dynasty90+11,934477.36
12MBUSI College Pick'emStarting Defense!40+10,016476.95
13Texags.comWe Know Stuff!!!160+19,536476.49
14Seinfeld FansIt's not a lie, if you believe it50+13,292474.71
16Chody's Champ'sPurpose, Pride, & Professionalism50+9,907471.76
17Eleven WarriorsBattle for 11W Bragging Rights220+21,162470.27
18TideFansBest Fan Board on the Net70+11,176465.67
192018 War Blogle Pick 'emTop Group in the Land!!200+23,395458.73
20CV Rock90+16,307452.97
21Fans of Southern Miss - ConfidenceFans of Southern Miss130+15,810451.71
22UMMC College Pick'em 2018180+10,821450.88
23Fans of Oregon State - ConfidenceFans of Oregon State300+48,192450.39
24Fans of Nevada - ConfidenceFans of Nevada120+13,467448.90
25Fans of Wyoming - ConfidenceFans of Wyoming250+32,314448.81
26ESPN College Pick'emEvery Saturday is Gameday!300+49,357448.70
27FMTalk1065FMTalk's Inaugural Pick-Em challenge180+17,940448.50
28Fans of Western Michigan - ConfidenceFans of Western Michigan160+16,092447.00
29Fans of Idaho - ConfidenceFans of Idaho100+14,698445.39
30Fans of Marshall - ConfidenceFans of Marshall180+22,254445.08
31Fans of Louisiana-Monroe - ConfidenceFans of Louisiana-Monroe100+11,540443.85
32Fans of Mississippi State - ConfidenceFans of Mississippi State600+56,319443.46
33Fans of Rutgers - ConfidenceFans of Rutgers300+37,661443.07
34Fans of North Carolina State - ConfidenceFans of North Carolina State400+35,858442.69
35Fans of Purdue - ConfidenceFans of Purdue350+39,358442.22
36Fans of Temple - ConfidenceFans of Temple180+17,245442.18
37Fans of Houston - ConfidenceFans of Houston300+30,051441.93
38Fans of Ole Miss - ConfidenceFans of Ole Miss450+37,104441.71
39Fans of Northern Illinois - ConfidenceFans of Northern Illinois120+12,809441.69
40Fans of Nebraska - ConfidenceFans of Nebraska2,000+206,698441.66
41Fans of Texas A&M - ConfidenceFans of Texas A&M1,100+114,216440.99
42Rick & Bubba Pick-emStay In It250+26,014440.92
44Fans of Utah State - ConfidenceFans of Utah State110+12,755439.83
45Fans of South Florida - ConfidenceFans of South Florida200+24,189439.80
46Fans of Virginia - ConfidenceFans of Virginia300+32,067439.27
47Fans of Troy - ConfidenceFans of Troy120+11,857439.15
48SG1 Sports Good Luck!300+20,605438.40
49Fans of Georgia Tech - ConfidenceFans of Georgia Tech550+50,413438.37
50Fans of Minnesota - ConfidenceFans of Minnesota750+81,511438.23


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