Top Groups
1Statue of Liberty PlayI think we're getting the hang of this20+15,231662.22
2The Real Deal NealPipe it up35+14,520660.00
3Hilburn BowlingSUNS UP GUNS UP35+19,714657.13
4Pick'em Board BuddiesIsn't college football great Gotta love it.35+21,024657.00
5Sports Fans ForeverWe are Sports Fans Forever20+13,778656.10
6Huskers 2014 Rose BowlGo Big Red25+13,775655.95
7No Cat A 2019"We don't pay to play, that's No Cat A"20+15,083655.78
8College Football is Back!25+14,404654.73
9Ronler Pick-Em 2k19Like the home team getting points, what could be sweeter?35+23,566654.61
10TuscavilleTuscaville - est 200035+20,921653.78
12College Pick 'Em - 2019Money won is twice as sweet as money earned.20+13,722653.43
13West Coast CFB 2019Where West Coast Bias Resides25+16,322652.88
14Turnover by downswhy isn't it a turnover?25+16,969652.65
16Tuscaville $$Picking - Art, Science, or Luck??25+17,610652.22
17SEC Homers and HeroesYou don't have to be the best, just the luckiest!25+13,680651.43
18Colorado 201945+27,357651.36
20BP's 2019 CFB Pool30+14,965650.65
21Game Day Fever [2019]10 on Auburn 30+16,266650.64
22Tompkins and Friendsliberte, egalite, fraternitie20+14,298649.91
23KEEPING IT COOL20+13,641649.57
24Picking Ducks30+20,776649.25
25The Senile Lou HoltzErrbody wanna be a dopeboy25+16,225649.00
27Georgia DawgsBrando's Redemption (Again)35+17,520648.89
28Ruwe's Pick'emWinning50+28,551648.89
312019 College FB Frenzy25+17,501648.19
32Turkey Bowl XVIWoody, Tressel, Meyer - Oh the Shame60+33,033647.71
33Pick em and Grinnin 2019Always remember….Goliath was a 40 point favorite over David.25+16,187647.48
34Hoos Buying?Always the world's most interesting pick'em group...45+27,841647.47
35ESPN OnlyPut your college football knowledge to the test!40+14,240647.27
36Wake CFB Pick'emGet Rabid20+14,885647.17
37Tattoos and AutographsKeep it rolling until the NCAA dissolves20+14,882647.04
38Harper Pick Em’ 202050+20,702646.94
39Fans of SECthe hardest conference in football25+15,524646.83
40Knox Vegas NativesVegas, baby....Vegas!20+14,228646.73
41Chicken Wing Brew CrewWe like our wings hot and our beers ice cold!30+20,690646.56
42Team Honi HoniWe love DCL20+13,575646.43
4311th Annual College Pick$50 Payout Weekly40+19,387646.23
44TTOWN 2019Another Year40+21,323646.15
47New Canty Pickem 2019Like the old group, but better!30+18,073645.46
48Michigan Sports Network 2Refuse to Lose25+15,490645.42
50Ty Webb's Lumber Yardgunga galunga35+18,711645.21


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