Top Groups
1Fla Panhandle PlayersNothing but the Best20+0,30313.17
2No Cat A #bringbackUBERWe don't pay to play, that's No Cat A25+0,37312.86
4'19 Wahlers Pick/Elim PooPay your money and make your picks.25+0,32512.50
5Optum FootballersSkol! 25+0,31012.40
6Conduent 201917-0 or bust25+0,32212.38
7Monday night losersbooya25+0,33412.37
8Week 1 SurvivorJust get past the 1st week...20+0,27112.32
9ELIMINATE THE BRONCOSIt sucks to be the first loser20+0,25812.29
10EO & Co.20+0,28012.17
11Gaming Wizards 201925+0,31312.04
12Hernandez did itDude is guilty25+0,32512.04
13Non-Eliminator Challenge"I'm still in it!"30+0,40912.03
14Win some mad moneyfocused40+0,49212.00
15Friends of Gio20+0,26211.91
17Reed and FriendsBeat Grandpa20+0,27311.87
18No Cat AWe don't pay to play, that's No Cat A90+1,07211.78
19Eliminator Kiniela 2019Ganar no es todo, es lo único25+0,31811.78
20The Chase Part Two (2019)"Don't Ever Take Cleveland"20+0,25911.77
21quebec2019fans de nfl du quebec40+0,50611.77
25HeislerBring it!30+0,35111.70
262019 Eliminator Challenge 3779102Active Picking At Its Finest!20+0,25611.64
272019 Suicide Challenge"If you're not first, you're last"35+0,42511.49
28Bengal Jungle 2018Harembe is alive20+0,24011.43
29Money TakersLose Money 25+0,29711.42
30Poulsbo Pigskin$5/entry. 80/20 split for winnter/runner up. Good Luck!20+0,27411.42
32Coca-Cola Survivor Pool20+0,26011.30
33Wakanda Gangsta Squad 🙅We Respect All, Fear None!20+0,23611.24
35MNF Mty 201935+0,43711.21
36MOA Eliminator 2019Ride or Die25+0,28011.20
37Guys w/Big ShoesRespect Some .....Fear None..!30+0,34711.19
38Myrtle Beach CrewMay the best picker win!25+0,31311.18
39Eliminator MMRather be LUCKY than good!30+0,34611.16
41Publickhouse 23 185155930+0,34511.13
42Lafayette MNF ClubPUUSSSHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!25+0,27811.12
43fairfield brewers20+0,23311.10
443 Strikes and your outdon't whif20+0,24411.09
45Oklahoma Eliminator VIII"Bedlam"35+0,39611.00
46Points Survivor 201920+0,24110.95
47smart saver groupwhen its gone its gone40+0,44910.95
48Colorado #1 UberPick the winners25+0,29510.93
50Padden BoysGo low25+0,31610.90


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