Top Groups
1Fla Patriots NationPlay to Win20+0,1175.57
2Covid DesperadoHave fun20+0,1185.36
3Last Man Standing 1541171If you're last, you're first20+0,1225.30
5MNF Mty 202045+0,2525.14
7Oklahoma Eliminator IXBedlam20+0,1165.04
8Non-Eliminator Challenge"I'm still in it!"20+0,1215.04
9Wahlers 2020 PoolThis pool is a pain in my ass.30+0,1615.03
10Hernandez did itDude is guilty25+0,1305.00
11Walsh 2014 Pick 'emi love footbal20+0,1155.00
12Black Lives MatterDeport the Racists20+0,1105.00
13Classic footballLast one standing 20+0,1144.96
14Fun at HomeWe love winning!25+0,1234.92
15Eliminator MMRather be LUCKY than good!20+0,1134.91
16NFLNFLPick me a winner40+0,2154.89
17Chicago Sports NutzSweet Home Chicago!25+0,1224.88
18Blake's CrewNo Fun League20+0,1124.87
19quebec2020fans de nfl du quebec35+0,1884.82
20Eliminator Kiniela 202030+0,1494.81
21FidoFuddiesLast more than 2 Weeks25+0,1204.80
22Suck it virus35+0,1824.79
23Wyoming Fellas30+0,1584.79
24Blackburn 2020Le jour du Seigneur20+0,1104.78
25Poulsbo Pigskin$5/entry. 80/20 split for winnter/runner up. Good Luck!20+0,1054.77
26Lake Nettie familyPractice safe social distancing 20+0,1054.77
272020 Devlin EliminatorIt is what it is . . .20+0,1004.76
28Philly Phanatics 2020Burn down City Hall..20+0,1004.76
30Money TakersLose Money 35+0,1664.74
31No Cat A #bringbackUBERWe don't pay to play, that's No Cat A20+0,1044.73
32Just Win Baby Year 4In It To Win It 20+0,0994.71
33Myrtle Beach CrewMay the best picker win!20+0,1134.71
35EO & Co.30+0,1414.70
36ASSI Security25+0,1224.69
37No Cat AWe don't pay to play, that's No Cat A70+0,3334.69
39HeislerBring it!30+0,1494.66
41HENCO 2020HENCO202030+0,1534.64
42Eliminator & CovidDouble Elimination60+0,2784.63
44NAKED PICSPlay HARD .. Play NAKED ..Play 2 WIN20+0,1064.61
46Psomas Eliminator 202020+0,1064.61
47Reed and FriendsDefeat Randy25+0,1244.59
48Optum FootballersSkol! 20+0,1104.58
49OPD”s” NFL Survivor Pool25+0,1194.58
50Minnesota Fish Hoggers20+0,0964.57


Play Eliminator Challenge for your chance to win a grand prize worth $3,000! There are $4,000 of total prizes in 2020!

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