Top Groups
1Fans of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Confidence)Go Buccaneers!500+7,23074.54
2Fans of the Miami Dolphins (Confidence)Go Dolphins!700+13,00672.66
3Fans of the New York Jets (Confidence)Go Jets!550+7,68171.79
4Fans of the Kansas City Chiefs (Confidence)Go Chiefs!800+11,52171.56
5Fans of the Denver Broncos (Confidence)Go Broncos!1,100+15,65171.47
6Fans of the Minnesota Vikings (Confidence)Go Vikings!1,400+24,02871.30
7Quiniela de Ruffilio100+1,49471.14
8Fans of the Seattle Seahawks (Confidence)Go Seahawks!900+14,60769.56
9Fans of the Washington Redskins (Confidence)Go Redskins!650+9,51369.44
10Fans of the Cincinnati Bengals (Confidence)Go Bengals!650+9,14668.77
11Fans of the Jacksonville Jaguars (Confidence)Go Jaguars!600+9,30768.43
12Fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers (Confidence)Go Steelers!1,700+25,24468.23
13Fans of the Detroit Lions (Confidence)Go Lions!1000+11,97868.06
14Fans of the Los Angeles Rams (Confidence)Go Rams!750+11,21267.95
15Fans of the Cleveland Browns (Confidence)Go Browns!1,100+15,68367.89
16Fans of the Indianapolis Colts (Confidence)Go Colts!600+8,62067.87
17Fans of the Philadelphia Eagles (Confidence)Go Eagles!1,500+22,21267.72
18Fans of the New Orleans Saints (Confidence)Go Saints!900+13,10966.88
19Fans of the Green Bay Packers (Confidence)Go Packers!2,200+31,69366.86
20Fans of the San Francisco 49ers (Confidence)Go 49ers!850+12,01666.39
21Fans of the Chicago Bears (Confidence)Go Bears!1,900+25,92466.30
22Fans of the New England Patriots (Confidence)Go Patriots!2,100+28,55065.78
23Fans of the New York Giants (Confidence)Go Giants!1000+14,84665.11
24Fans of the Baltimore Ravens (Confidence)Go Ravens!1,100+16,92364.59
25Fans of the Tennessee Titans (Confidence)Go Titans!500+7,40764.41
26Fans of the San Diego Chargers (Confidence)Go Chargers!450+6,68564.28
27Fans of the Dallas Cowboys (Confidence)Go Cowboys!2,700+34,03564.22
28Fans of the Carolina Panthers (Confidence)Go Panters!900+11,73263.76
29Fans of the Oakland Raiders (Confidence)Go Raiders!850+11,26563.64
30Fans of the Houston Texans (Confidence)Go Texans!650+9,52963.53
31Fans of the Atlanta Falcons (Confidence)Go Falcons!2,100+27,10962.75
32Fans of the Arizona Cardinals (Confidence)Go Cardinals!1,400+18,67962.47
33Fans of the Buffalo Bills (Confidence)Go Bills!850+11,11060.71
34GRIDIRON EXPERTS 2018Laces Out???80+0,2159.35
35Fans of The 06010 Board60+0,2299.16
36Pigskin Junkies '18-'19Work Hard, Pick Harder40+0,2019.14
37Not Pele Picks100+0,3659.13
38MRBCSuper Bowl Champs!!!!!70+0,2289.12
40Team Fernet '18Frequently wrong, but never in doubt50+0,1888.95
41Investia Fans 2018Investia45+0,2508.93
42Don Plant Pickerspick them right good luck45+0,2308.85
43Cherry Optical PickersPick Winners - Win Prizes80+0,2118.79
44FOOTBALL FANATIX 2018Play to win60+0,2818.78
45Quiniela TJ NFL 201860+0,1938.77
46The PigskinnyWeekly NFL Picks50+0,1938.77
47The Bang Radio Hour PicksPretend you know something80+0,1848.76
48Football MastersAll that matters is FOOTball!!60+0,2198.76
49Reddit's rNFLGreen Pickers, Baby1,900+3,7728.73
50CV Rock80+0,2888.73


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