Top Groups
1420 OR BUST (CONFIDENCE)#1 Ranked Group50+60,2841401.95
2the new bawbagsyer a whit?25+19,729789.16
3Pigskin Prognosticator 625+24,739951.50
4Painted MountainScrew em20+29,2851394.52
5JTP U-Pig-MU-Pick-M Survives50+63,8911388.93
6OrediggersFore Right20+30,4481384.00
7The clashPlay hard win big!45+56,6871382.61
8No Cat A (Confidence) "We don't pay to play, that's No Cat A"70+84,2041380.39
9WMS Pick'em 2019-REAL ONEThis is the REAL ONE to add picks to!20+21,698943.39
10Seinfeld Fans, ConfidenceIt's not a lie if you believe it50+46,9111379.74
11CaMaPe_PNCa.. Ma.. Pe... bastante claro!25+30,2751376.14
12Gross's Football Pool 3.0Don't Suck20+19,791942.43
13ArnMan's NFL Pick'emsIs this a pyramid scheme?45+52,2621375.32
14Pigskin 2019!20+31,5141370.17
15Aethon Pig Skin Pick’emMake it Bigger60+47,9051368.71
16Confidence is highThinking about it30+36,9371368.04
17Lucky Pickers!30+40,5911353.03
18Del Boca Vista 2019Heaven's Waiting Room20+19,760940.95
19Loewen Pick 'emWin25+32,5881357.83
20Swami Football Pickers30+27,285940.86
21boooffWe resort to 'excessive celebration' over JESUS !!25+36,4811351.15
22BettahLateThanNevah 2019Welcome Back...25+32,5791357.46
23Fans of the Detroit Lions (Confidence)Go Lions!1,300+445,1551305.44
24Madden's Mayhem 1820+28,4131353.00
25Fans of the Miami Dolphins (Confidence)Go Dolphins!900+365,7811301.71
26Fans of the Green Bay Packers (Confidence)Go Packers!2,800+1,035,3611300.70
27NDSU 19' Pick'em25+22,489937.04
28WCC and Friends20+28,3261348.86
29Fans of the Minnesota Vikings (Confidence)Go Vikings!1,700+614,9471300.10
30Fans of the New York Jets (Confidence)Go Jets!750+223,9581294.55
31Fans of the Indianapolis Colts (Confidence)Go Colts!900+258,3651291.83
32Fans of the Philadelphia Eagles (Confidence)Go Eagles!2,000+618,4711291.17
34Fans of the Seattle Seahawks (Confidence)Go Seahawks!1,400+453,0201283.34
35Brooks Football AnonymousFamily and Friends30+29,8831299.26
36Fans of the Denver Broncos (Confidence)Go Broncos!1,500+537,5741279.94
37FCC Fantasy Football Gladiator Mentality30+22,302929.25
38Fans of the New England Patriots (Confidence)Go Patriots!3,100+905,4121277.03
39Andrew Luck Watch PartyPlay Till The End25+25,050927.78
40Fans of the Chicago Bears (Confidence)Go Bears!3,300+922,6641274.40
41Fans of the Houston Texans (Confidence)Go Texans!1000+260,7021271.72
42Tempered ExpectationsAlways 2nd guess20+20,393926.95
43Honrath’s Pick 201925+19,466926.95
44Fans of the San Francisco 49ers (Confidence)Go 49ers!1,200+460,1471271.12
45Panda's Picks 8057The more the merrier20+22,238926.58
46Fans of the Los Angeles Rams (Confidence)Go Rams!950+289,6261270.29
47Fans of the Buffalo Bills (Confidence)Go Bills!1,500+467,1081269.32
48Fans of the New York Giants (Confidence)Go Giants!1,300+464,1171268.08
49Fans of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Confidence)Go Buccaneers!700+209,0371266.89
50DTCC HawksExcuses Stop Here!!!20+21,226922.87


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