Top Groups
1Seinfeld Fans, ConfidenceIt's not a lie if you believe it45+21,128880.33
2420 OR BUST (CONFIDENCE)#1 Ranked Group50+24,548876.71
3the new bawbagsyer a whit?25+19,729789.16
4JTP U-Pig-MU-Pick-M Survives50+21,878875.12
5Aethon Pig Skin Pickā€™emMake it Bigger60+26,199873.30
6The clashPlay hard win big!45+19,105868.41
7ArnMan's NFL Pick'emsIs this a pyramid scheme?45+25,035863.28
8No Cat A (Confidence) "We don't pay to play, that's No Cat A"70+31,012861.44
9NEW Storck 2019 Pick'em"Part of Your Sports World"45+24,110861.07
10Buzz Lunch Pick 'EmFree Pizza on the line! 45+19,443845.35
11DawgcheckGBGB God Bless Go Browns70+26,050840.32
12Carmen and Jurko500+66,775834.69
13Beat the SM (Confidence)Group winner wins swag! Play Streak:,230834.37
14Gaels FTWin it to win it40+19,037827.70
15Fans of the Miami Dolphins (Confidence)Go Dolphins!900+160,387814.15
16Fans of the Indianapolis Colts (Confidence)Go Colts!850+143,604811.32
17Fans of the Minnesota Vikings (Confidence)Go Vikings!1,600+320,122810.44
18Fans of the Philadelphia Eagles (Confidence)Go Eagles!2,000+288,265807.46
19Fans of the New York Jets (Confidence)Go Jets!750+106,249804.92
20Fans of the Seattle Seahawks (Confidence)Go Seahawks!1,400+242,180799.27
21Fans of the Green Bay Packers (Confidence)Go Packers!2,700+489,813797.74
22Fans of the Detroit Lions (Confidence)Go Lions!1,300+232,899797.60
23Fans of the Oakland Raiders (Confidence)Go Raiders!1,100+196,263794.59
24Fans of the Chicago Bears (Confidence)Go Bears!3,200+460,813794.51
25Fans of the Denver Broncos (Confidence)Go Broncos!1,500+266,416792.90
26Fans of the Jacksonville Jaguars (Confidence)Go Jaguars!700+87,856791.50
27Fans of the New York Giants (Confidence)Go Giants!1,300+208,125791.35
28Fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers (Confidence)Go Steelers!2,200+336,449789.79
29Fans of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Confidence)Go Buccaneers!700+99,236787.59
30Fans of the Washington Redskins (Confidence)Go Redskins!800+132,770785.62
31Fans of the Buffalo Bills (Confidence)Go Bills!1,500+236,335785.17
32Fans of the Kansas City Chiefs (Confidence)Go Chiefs!1,800+253,403784.53
33Fans of the Los Angeles Chargers (Confidence)Go Chargers!800+94,045783.71
34Fans of the Los Angeles Rams (Confidence)Go Rams!950+158,127782.81
35Fans of the New England Patriots (Confidence)Go Patriots!3,000+432,946778.68
36Fans of the Tennessee Titans (Confidence)Go Titans!750+97,832776.44
37Fans of the Houston Texans (Confidence)Go Texans!1000+134,097775.13
38Fans of the Dallas Cowboys (Confidence)Go Cowboys!4,000+521,087768.56
39Fans of the Cincinnati Bengals (Confidence)Go Bengals!1000+127,236766.48
40Fans of the San Francisco 49ers (Confidence)Go 49ers!1,200+220,069764.13
41Fans of the New Orleans Saints (Confidence)Go Saints!1,600+202,106762.66
42Fans of the Cleveland Browns (Confidence)Go Browns!2,200+278,870761.94
43Fans of the Carolina Panthers (Confidence)Go Panters!1,300+144,777754.05
44Fans of the Atlanta Falcons (Confidence)Go Falcons!3,000+325,012745.44
45Fans of the Arizona Cardinals (Confidence)Go Cardinals!2,300+261,375742.54
46Fans of the Baltimore Ravens (Confidence)Go Ravens!2,000+221,440735.68
47ZEBRA F-BALL 2019ZEB25+2,162102.95
48FSBB Football Frenzy 201945+3,286102.69
49NFLSLP2019Recordando al PAPAYO !50+3,284102.63


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