Top Groups
2Wolcott FamilyGo Cougs30+21,360647.27
3Easton WykesHi leaderboard my name is Sicko Bamba30+20,360636.25
4Fans of VirginiaWe love Virginia!2,200+1,106,720604.43
5Mitchell v.s. Mom25+14,720588.80
6Sweet 16 2430+17,920578.06
7🔥MARCH MADNESS🔥If you ain’t first your last30+18,120566.25
8Second Hypothesis of 16Restoration Fix Re-Match35+19,440555.43
9The BSers Dos25+14,880551.11
10Goke Invitational Part 2Sorry about 'nova25+14,280549.23
12The Players ClubJust Win Baby25+13,280531.20
13ESPN March MadnessOne of these gotta be right...25+13,120524.80
14Fans of Texas TechWe love Texas Tech!1,400+599,520523.60
15Texas ThunderAnother Round of Beer50+26,560520.78
16Fans of North Carolina CentralWe love North Carolina Central!50+23,920520.00
17Win TimeTry300+173,080518.20
18Devin’s BracketsI created 25 brackets lol60+32,600517.46
20Fans of HamptonWe love Hampton!70+19,080515.68
21Fans of PrincetonWe love Princeton!130+65,960515.31
23Jeremiah v. Jim III25+13,840512.59
24Fans of Portland StateWe love Portland State!45+20,880509.27
25Fans of Air ForceWe love Air Force!35,000+10,837,320506.77
26Fans of UC-IrvineWe love UC-Irvine!250+95,440504.97
27Fans of LibertyWe love Liberty!350+127,640502.52
29Marrero tribe Get em 50+24,920498.40
30Fans of Alabama A&MWe love Alabama A&M!8,000+2,609,160498.22
31Fans of Utah ValleyWe love Utah Valley!90+41,760497.14
32Fans of AkronWe love Akron!12,000+3,856,840497.02
33Fans of ColumbiaWe love Columbia!210+85,320496.05
34Fans of Arkansas StateWe love Arkansas State!650+207,320494.80
35Fans of BaylorWe love Baylor!1,100+388,280494.62
36FranciscanUnivMTH333Colley vs. Massey100+51,440494.62
37Fans of PacificWe love Pacific!40+17,240492.57
38Fans of CaliforniaWe love California!1000+344,760492.51
39Fans of Cal State FullertonWe love Cal State Fullerton!220+78,800492.50
40Fans of BuffaloWe love Buffalo!1,300+446,280491.50
41Fans of George WashingtonWe love George Washington!90+31,880490.46
42Fans of Northern ArizonaWe love Northern Arizona!45+18,600489.47
43Fans of Arkansas-Little RockWe love Arkansas-Little Rock!500+165,080488.40
44Fans of NE ILLINOISWe love NE ILLINOIS!35+13,160487.41
46SIG Second ChanceA Second Chance at Being Fast and Accurate20+11,200486.96
47Fans of Mississippi StateWe love Mississippi State!450+173,080486.18
49Fans of Southern MissWe love Southern Miss!60+24,280485.60
50K-Bro RacingBurn some rubber!50+25,240485.38


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