Friday, January 31

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New York resident wins $20,000 in January

Any month that has its fate decided by the outcome of the final prop is one to be cherished in Streak history, and January 2014 claimed its rightful place tonight after the drama that ensued. Going back a bit further in the month, W20 seemed to be the threshold that no streaker could reach as eight people that had W19s all tried and failed to get their elusive 20th win in a row. Finally, with less than 10 days remaining in the month, a plethora of high streaks came onto the scene, including the two entries that ended up battling it out tonight for $20,000. The first, Taylor B. of Annapolis, MD, seemed to be in excellent position after taking a literal pick 'em (according to Vegas) with Rider over St. Peter's and getting a W23 following their 71-53 blowout win. Left with only two props to choose from on the board, Taylor decided to select the USA women's national team to beat Canada by 2+ goals in an international friendly, knowing that if he won the $20,000 was guaranteed to be his by virtue of the highest win % tiebreaker (he was 23-1-1 at the time). Simultaneously the second competitor, George S. from Elmira, NY, rode the Thunder to an easy and stress free 120-95 win over the Nets for his 24th consecutive win. George and Taylor were then left to watch with what must have been great anticipation as the USA couldn't get the result they needed for a Streak victory, winning the game 1-0 and thus making George the $20,000 January winner! The "Most Wins" competition was won by Michael B., who gets the honor of winning the first ever $10,000 prize for his 125 wins in January. Congratulations to both George and Michael!

Although 2014 brought with it some major changes on Streak, the game you know and love has never been more popular thanks to everyone's continued dedication to ESPN Fantasy and your love for sports. We encourage you as always to tell everyone you know about the pleasures of streaking in order to ensure the game's continued success and stability as we move forward in this new year together. Good luck in February; now go get that stash!