Monday, March 31

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$40,000 Stash Falls in March; Back-to-Back Monthly Wins Champion is Crowned

The final day of March, 2014 on Streak paralleled a fantastic scene from the 2007 Best Picture winner "No Country for Old Men" in which the central antagonist Anton Chigurh asks a gas station employee to call the results of an impending coin toss.

Anton Chigurh: What's the most you ever lost on a coin toss?

Gas Station Proprietor: Sir?

Anton Chigurh: The most. You ever lost. On a coin toss.

Gas Station Proprietor: I don't know. I couldn't say.

Anton Chigurh: Call it.

Gas Station Proprietor: Look, I need to know what I stand to win.

Anton Chigurh: Everything.

Heading into this morning our eventual $40,000 March winner Bradford O. found himself tied for the longest Streak of the month, but because his entry had the worse winning percentage (the first tiebreaker) he knew he had to make just one more pick to lock up the prize money. Thus, he found himself in the predicament of the gas station employee, needing to make a nearly 50/50 call to come out victorious. Except Bradford knew the stakes. In the film those stakes are something much more sinister, but luckily here at Streak you can only win or break even. Taking the Nationals, a -170 favorite, to get an Opening Day road win, things looked bleak early when the Mets took a 3-0 1st Inning lead. Despite battling back, the Nationals found themselves down 5-4 with 2 outs and 3-2 count in the top of the 9th, a lone strike away from losing the game. To Bradford's delight they drew a clutch walk and followed it up with a base hit, sending the game to extras tied at 5. Anthony Rendon then blasted a 3-run HR in the 10th, and after withstanding a bottom inning charge, the Nationals earned themselves an Opening Day win and made Bradford $40,000 richer. Luckily if someone ever asks him what's the most he's ever lost on a coin toss, Bradford might have to ponder it for a moment like the gas station employee did, and most importantly he won't have to say a small fortune.

The "Most Wins" competition was won for a second straight month by Max C. who takes home the $10,000 prize and has now firmly rooted himself into Streak legend alongside the all-time most wins leader Jeremy M., the only other person to ever accomplish this feat. Pretty good company to find yourself in, eh? Congratulations to Max on repeating and taking home the cash in back-to-back months! Good luck in April to everyone and thank you as always for playing Streak for the Cash!