Wednesday, April 30

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Pennsylvania gets another winner; $60,000 up for grabs in May

We began the month introducing our Streak Video Contest, and if we ran it again in May, many Streakers might be singing the "Streak Blues" or the "Nothing But Red Rap" because overall, it was rough April for a lot of you. However, there's always some glimmer to give everyone hope they will eventually come out on top as Streak Champion.

The glimmer of hope came in the face of Austin P. of Pipersville, PA, who put together a masterful W24 with his SF Austin Petrie entry, and picked well enough to hold the higher win % over another W24, to win $20,000. In a strange month where game and prop favorites were dropping left and right, Austin began a meticulous run on April 5. His streak spanned over much of the month before finally ending on April 23 when the Miami Heat did not win by double digits over the Bobcats. Ironically, that same prop made things very interesting because Kevin H. (goldsoundz01) reached a W24 as well by taking the Bobcats. The very next day though, he would also fall short of qualifying for the Streak Stash when the Indiana Pacers lost to the Atlanta Hawks.

A few other entries made a push for the longest streak, but could never quite get close enough, and all fell to the side. With one day left, the Streak board was loaded with enough props for a single W19 to make a run and sneak away with the Stash. After winning the morning prop, the now W20 took a chance with Chelsea at home against Atletico Madrid in the Champions League Semifinals. Madrid netted a 3-1 win, thus eliminating the final threat to Austin's W24. Being so close to an extra $20,000 had to hurt, but seeing your streak hold up for the initial $20,000 is no small consolation.

The "Most Wins" competition was exciting as usual and came down to the final prop of the month (we swear you can't script this stuff) and the final day saw quite the battle between a handful of Streakers. Our eventual winner was Kao T. with 117 wins...but it wasn't easy. Kao's entry went back and forth with HoustonTexans26 entry the whole day. On the final prop, Kao took "0 or 1 Goals" to be scored in the 1st Period of the Sharks/Kings Game 7. Trailing by 1 win, HoustonTexans26 took "2 or More Goals" and would've had the higher win %. A third entry, rjb1206 had an outside chance trailing by 1 win as well, but needed to have both the others ahead take the opposite. It didn't happen and they ended up finishing second with 116 wins. Congratulations to Kao on a great month and a well-earned $10,000! Good luck in May to everyone and thank you as always for playing Streak for the Cash!