Streak Music Video Contest: Honorable Mention

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The following videos scored many points from our panel of judges but either came up just short of being considered a Finalist, or were determined to be ineligible. Thank you to everyone who submitted a video and feel free to tweet your opinions on how we ranked the field to @ESPNStreak.

We really liked this "Rigged Prop" effort and it scored very high points across the board, enough to rank near the top 5. However, upon further review it was deemed to be too similar to Drake's Hold On We're Going Home and thus had to be DQ'ed.

Of all the videos we received this one was by far the most polarizing- some absolutely loved it, while some just didn't get it. Regardless of your opinion there's no denying the soulfulness mixed with good humor "Who doesn't like picking 17,000 props and ending the day with a W1". In the end the time of 2:11 didn't comply with the terms and it was DQ'ed but this will surely go down as one of the most memorable videos.