Saturday, May 31

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Arizona resident wins in May; Stash worth $80,000 in June 

A W24 taking home the $20,000 is quickly becoming a trend on Streak. For the second straight month the winner came up one shy of qualifying for the Stash, which is great news for everyone except Tim B. of Tempe, AZ. He continued the trend of coming up just short of the big money as his Tbataska entry's W24 fell when the Blue Jays (a -127 favorite) lost to the Royals last night. What's most remarkable about his run is that Tim chose a staggering 14 straight MLB matchups correctly, something that any veteran streaker will tell you is nearly impossible to do. Taking these matchups almost exclusively for the majority of his run it's no surprise that he fell on an MLB game, but at least his Streak lived and died on a sport he clearly felt comfortable picking.

Now holding the top spot with his inactive W24, Tim looked on as the closest competitor Tomaguchi10 put his W23 on line with the LA Kings (-155) in Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals. In what must have been a wild up and down night for Tim, the LA Kings lost a 4-3 thriller to all but cement him into winning the $20,000 May prize. This afternoon it became official as the only challenger left saw their W20 go down, so despite losing his chance at the Stash Tim still goes home a huge winner. Congratulations!

The "Most Wins" competition was interesting for a few reasons, none of which included the race being even mildly competitive during the final week. Alex C. of Los Angeles, CA dominated May for most of the month with his linemover80 entry, pulling away from the competition with a week or so to go and never looking back. If that name sounds familiar it's for a good reason - Alex was our April 2013 "Play Against Flo" winner! Even more impressive are his all-time Streak statistics; as of now he is in the top 100 all-time for total wins with 5,084. Alex is one of the most dedicated streakers the game has ever known and now has $10,000 of cold hard cash to back up his "Streak-cred" (terrible, I know). This month he racked up 134 wins so congratulations to Alex on yet another fantastic achievement.

Good luck in June to everyone and remember, a year-high $80,000 is up for grabs this month! So set your alarms, research your matchups and as always thank you for playing Streak for the Cash!