Sunday, August 31

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W28 Crushes all Competition and Takes Down $120,000

August was relatively smooth sailing for Streak nation; favorites covered, underdogs wilted, and monthly pickers enjoyed one of the better months of 2014 (even my brother got 100 wins for the first time!). And yet, the success came with a price. To the chagrin of all but one, the Stash fell for the first time in five months. The lone person that rejoiced? That would be Fernando A. of Fair Lawn, NJ who finally vaulted over the W24 hurdle that had ended three of the last four monthly winner's attempts at clearing the Stash. Vaulted is the key word - Fernando cleared the bar by a substantial margin and ended the month with a W28 after building his impressive streak in a methodical, detailed and deliberate manner, sometimes waiting for days at a time to make his next pick. To give everyone an idea of just how surgical he was with his picks, the Streak lasted from August 12th to August 30th and on only one of those days were more than two picks made...pretty impressive display of patience. Congrats to Fernando and to everyone who made a run at the Stash in August!

The "Most Wins" competition once again came down to the final prop, and when $10,000 is on the line there's never a shortage of gamesmanship or drama. The eventual winner, Thomas Y. of Chino Hills, CA, was a single win ahead of the second placed entry with only one prop to go. A great spot to be in, right? Well, the only problem was his challenger had the better win percentage, so if they picked different sides of the final prop and Thomas lost he would lose the $10,000 via a tiebreak! In a less than subtle attempt at reverse psychology Thomas changed his entry name to "Come on SMU! 1 more win!!!" hoping to convince the field that he was taking the Baylor under. His challenger didn't fall for it, and when the prop locked it was revealed that they had chosen different sides after all. Thomas was now at the mercy of the Streak gods. Nonetheless, whatever fears he had quickly melted away as Baylor decimated SMU right out of the gate, covering the over mid-way through the 2nd Quarter and leaving Thomas alone atop the mountain with a cool $10,000.

Best of luck in September to everyone and remember, we are running BACK-TO-BACK stunt days on September 6th and 7th worth $10,000 a piece focused around Week 2 of College Football and Week 1 of the NFL! It's a brave new world for Streak: never before have we offered $10,000 for a stunt day let alone doing it on consecutive days! Research your picks, carry your good luck charms and above all enjoy yourselves in September!