Tuesday, September 30

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Nebraska Resident Takes Down Stash in Epic Fashion

Here at Streak HQ we like to think of September as the month that brings stability to our beloved game: football returns, and with it comes all the NFL and NCAA action you can handle. In 2014 this was especially true as we were able to bring back a classic from the past and run our first Stunts of the year back-to-back on September 6th and 7th. Big cash ($10,000 for the longest Streak on EACH day) and a whole lot of wins set the tone for the month that weekend and no one channeled the positive energy better than Josh K. of Norfolk, NE who used the Stunt days to get himself to a quick W11 and never looked back. It took him the rest of the month to turn his early efforts into a W25, sometimes waiting for days at a time to make his next pick. And in what must have been excruciating to sit through Josh endured and came out victorious in an all-time Streak classic as the Royals, once down 7-3 late in the game, came from behind and beat the Athletics 9-8 in 12 innings of postseason baseball. Josh risked it all on the slight underdog Royals (+100) and took home an extra $20,000 for clearing the W25 hurdle, earning every dollar of his total $40,000 winnings for sitting through a prop that was as intense as any we can remember. Congrats to him on a huge victory!

Also, congratulations Daren V. of Lakewood, CO whose 131 wins earned him $10,000 via the first tiebreaker (highest win %) over two other worthy competitors. Since the Stash was reached it will reset in October and be worth $20,000, meaning if you play Streak this month you can win up to $40,000 (stash+monthly)! Best of luck and remember: nothing is stopping you from winning big cash on Streak, so go get it!