Saturday, January 31

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Wild Month Ends in Dramatic Fashion for $30,000

Pause. Take a deep breath. Collect your thoughts. And regroup for February. It's definitely needed after the most insane month we've ever had on Streak. January 2015 will go down as the most successful month for Streakers to date after 10 streaks of at least W30 and over 100 streaks of W22 or more! Top that off with the "Most Wins" contest record being absolutely obliterated (previous record was 143, and we had 2 entries beat that and 1 tie it.

Let's start with the $30,000 "Longest Streak" contest though, because it will not be forgotten. The month started out with a New Year's Day stunt, so naturally we already had plenty of good-looking streaks right out of the gates. Little did we know what kind of Pandora's Streak Box had been opened... By mid-month, we already had 50+ streaks of W20 or greater, and the avalanche kept coming. Greens aplenty were flying around, and at one point a pair of W29's sat atop the leader board. We thought here at Streak HQ that one of those two would probably win. Yeah... let's just say we missed a bit on that prediction. W28's and W27's came out of nowhere, and shortly after that, some ballooned to W30. Over the last week of January, we glanced at the leader board and we had 5 at W30 or above (with 5 more to come).

As usual though, the contest came down to the final 24 hours, where several players stood a chance to take home the big prize. A few were trimmed after suffering defeats, but at 8 pm ET on January 31st, we had a W33 and 3 W32's with one final pick by each. To get things started Joe M. (W32) took Duke, who was a 5.5 point underdog, to win at undefeated Virginia. Gutsy. Meanwhile our W33, Tony C., took a solid home favorite in the Washington Wizards, who were 5-point favorites.

Virginia stormed out in the 2nd Half and controlled the game against Duke, frustrating the Blue Devils with their tenacious defense. The Cavaliers led by 11 with just under 10 minutes to play. Duke, trailing by 8 with under 5 (and yet to hit a 3), began lighting up the scoreboard. Making 4 3-pointers in the final 3:22, Duke stunned Virginia and gave Joe an improbable win.

As that game ended, the Wizards were staring at a 15-point halftime deficit. Things looked even more grim for Tony as Toronto held a 16-point lead (stretched to 18) to start the 4th Quarter. But in true Streak style, Washington caught fire in a way that would make the Sega NBA Jam announcer lose his voice. Suddenly a 3-point game with under 30 seconds left and the Wizards with the ball brought the tension to its highest peak. The savior for Tony showed up in the form of Paul Pierce, who nailed a 3-pointer with 25 seconds left to force OT. It would be short-lived though after the Raptors were too much in the extra period, winning, 120-116.

The other two W32's had picks, but it wouldn't matter because Joe's winning percentage was better than Tony's, as well as the other two (one won to reach W33, while the other lost). So $30,000 was won on Tiebreaker #1 (higher win %) by Joe over two others. Just amazing!

Congratulations Ian D. of Deerfield, IL, who smashed the previous record for most wins in a month (143) by racking up an unreal 154 victories to win the $10,000 prize. Congrats on the huge accomplishment!

February will be played just like January was. $30,000 to the longest streak and $10,000 for the most wins. We are preparing something big for March that you all might really be interested in. But you will just have to wait and see...