Thursday, April 30

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W28 Easily Wins $30,000; $1 Million Returns For May

It's a pretty rare occasion when a Streak for the Cash contestant can rest on the final few days of a month. April was something we here at Streak HQ haven't seen in some time when James C.  of Canada put together his W28. The W28 is not a record or anything. We've seen W28's before. But this run was fun to watch and see it stay on top despite being halted with nine days left in the month. Nobody ever got close to catching him; going against the usual narrative for the last week of a month where multiple late pushes typically show up.

James' streak began on April 7 with a victory by the Ottawa Senators. Maybe the most impressive part of his streak was when he reach W20. Historically, our contestants have played it slow once hitting a W20+ because they are in the area of what usually wins each month. But that $1 million prize for a W40 may have been the real focus of James. He made 8 picks in 5 days, including three on April 18 alone. Mind you, these picks are not designed to be easy, but James showed zero fear and kept going with the hot streak. On the morning of Arpil 22 though, his luck had finally run out. Taking Jo-Wilfried Tsonga to win 2-0 over Marcel Granollers was a gutsy pick with Tsonga's current form and Granollers clay-based game (tournament was the Barcelona Open, which is played on clay). Granollers took the 1st Set and that was the end of the fantastic run. A big congratulations goes out to such a streak, as many who have played this game for some time can tell's not easy. In fact James' run of 28 straight was immediately followed up with a loss of 8 straight. That's just how Streak for the Cash goes.

Only two other entries were really within earshot of James. A pair of W25's. However, one of them lost later that same night that James lost, while the other fell the following day. Aside from those two contestants, several W23's were next in line as the closest to snag the $30,000 prize.

The real drama was reserved for the "Most Wins" contest. Daniel G. of Malden, MA held on to win the $10,000 prize by 1 game. Heading into the five NFL Draft props on April 30, Daniel held a 1-game lead over the eventual runner-up. The pair of competitors ended up mirroring their picks and Daniel would finish with 128 in the end. Congrats on the great win goes out to him.

With May comes a new chance to find that elusive W40 for $1 million. We want to see history over here at Streak HQ, so get rested up and ready to rock this month! We've also got a great May 2nd Showdown Saturday stunt for $10,000. That's right, put together the longest streak that day alone, and take home $10k. Same rules apply for the "Longest Streak" contest and the "Most Wins" contest. So $30,000 and $10,000 will be up for grabs in those respective contests. Finally, keep an eye out over the next week or two if you achieved at least a W10 in April. 100 of you will be drawn at random to win 100 Winner's Circle points. Those points can be used to purchase items in ESPN's Winner's Circle. Thank you for your dedication to Streak and good luck in May!