Sunday, May 31

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W29 Crushes the Competition; $1 Million Up for Grabs in June

We couldn't be prouder of the fact that Streak for the Cash is officially going global! We've now had back-to-back months where a non-US resident has taken home the grand prize; in April the victory went to Canada and now in May it goes to Mexico! Alejandro G.  was making a serious run at the $1 Million dollars before the Cubs ended his streak at an impressive W29. Over the next two weeks a challenger or two rose to within striking distance but in the end this was one of the more cut and dry months we've seen in recent memory - Alejandro won by a margin of five as no one else was able to reach a W25. Congratulations to Alejandro on becoming the first ever resident of Mexico to take down the longest Streak prize! He earns a cool $30,000 for his efforts.

Just like last month, the "Most Wins" contest was chalk full of excitement and with $10,000 on line we know the two competitors battling it out were feeling the heat. Only minutes ago Dennis U. of Oxnard, CA prospect's were looking bleak. Both him and his competitor found themselves at 124 wins - Dennis had the Sounders picked and the opposition had selected the Giants. With the Sounders tied 1-1 in stoppage time and the Giants up 5-3 in the bottom of the 8th it looked like he was going to find himself a pick down with only one window left. Then some classic Streak magic happened. The Braves began to rack up infield singles before blowing the game open and tallying four runs in the top of the 9th to take a 7-5 lead. At almost the exact same time Clint Dempsey netted a beautiful goal in stoppage time to put the Sounders up 2-1! Those scores held and because Dennis had the better winning percentage and the 1-win lead the contest was over - Dennis had just gone from despair to glory in a matter of moments. Congrats to him on winning $10,000! As I'm sure he'd attest, when you play Streak you always find yourself in the middle of the action.

If you achieved at least a W10 in May be on the lookout for an email from us over the next week or so as 100 random winners will each be awarded 100 Winner's Circle points. Those points can be used to purchase some awesome prizes so be sure not to miss out if you're one of the lucky ones. Good luck in June!