Monday, November 30

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Minnesota Resident Wins $30,000 via a Tiebreaker

After a year of nothing shy of a W26 competing for the cash Streak has come back to the mean; for the third straight month a W23 has taken down the $30,000 prize. Brady H.  of Chanhassen, Minnesota is now the champ, putting together a run that culminated with the Patriots ending his streak in an overtime classic that will be remembered well into the offseason.

No one could fault him for the pick - he had the tiebreaker in hand with a win percentage above .800, the Patriots were on a roll and were the moneyline favorites in Vegas. And despite the loss he still looked to be in great shape, especially after Michigan eeked out a double digit win over Providence to end the night, thus eliminating one of his only two remaining competitors. With only potential usurper left to overtake his throne it was going to be a tough task indeed - 5 straight wins of the possible 6 windows we offered today to reach a W24. Sure enough, in typical Russian Premier League fashion (I can hear the cries of the monthly pickers yelling "rigged" as I write this) a 93rd minute goal came down in stoppage time and eliminated the last of Brady's competition, thus securing him the $30,000. Congratulations to him from everyone here at Streak!

I'm pleased to announce that we now have a Streak legend amongst us: the "Most Wins" contest was won by Ian D. of Highland Park, IL for the fourth time since 2008 and the third time in 2015. Ian is on a tear to say the least and in my opinion no one can question his place in the history of our game: until someone matches his four separate wins he is the greatest monthly player of all-time. For his efforts he'll take a check from Streak for the Cash worth $10,000 to the bank once again, this time right before the holidays.

The $1 Million prize is officially ending at the end of the year regardless if it's won or not so December will be the last month to take home the biggest check ever awarded on Streak. And, if you finished ahead of the StreakMaster in the "Beat The StreakMaster" Group be sure to check your email over the next week here to see if you are 1 of the lucky 20 to be randomly drawn to win an awesome "I Beat The StreakMaster" t-shirt. The final stunt day of the year will be on Christmas Day with nothing but NBA props for a cool $10,000 so mark those calendars!