Monday - August 11, 2008

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Today's Preview "It's just another manic Monday." Happy Monday Streakers! Only 4 days left until the beta game is over, so pick as much as you can to give yourself a shot at our grand prize. Our first matchup is at 1:10 p.m. where we put Pedro against Zach Duke of the Pirates to see if the big name or the little name can allow fewer hits + earned runs. The Scottish Premier league takes over at 2:45 p.m. with "Crocodile" Dundee United favored on the road against Hamilton. "Win or Draw" matchups have been taking the cake as of late so Hamilton might be the better choice here on their home pitch. The highly anticipated Aaron Rodgers era will begin tonight as well when the Packers host the Bengals on ESPN Monday Night Football. Can he handle the pressure? You be the judge. A few MLB games round out the night, all which could be possible playoff matchups. Can Sidney Ponson save the Yanks rotation? When will Josh Beckett return to his ace form? Can Manny still be the Manny of old in LA? All this and more, Monday Night!

Best bets: Pedro, Hamilton, Indians and Dodgers

Yesterday's results: What an action packed day in the sports world today. Both matchups close to midnight were enough to keep you awake all night long as Michael Phelps and team USA came back to take home the 4X100m freestyle relay from France in a photo finish. Also, Hawaii makes its 10th appearance in the LLWS after a 4-3 victory over Nevada. Very nice overall winning PCT of 79.5% by Streakers and our leader is now at 8.