Thursday - August 14, 2008

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10:32 PM ET: Stolle Is Our "Unofficial" Winner
Ladies and Gentlemen, our winner of the "beta" insider version of Streak for the Cash is Stolle. He won with the UEFA Cup matchup with SK Sturm Graz earning the draw earlier this afternoon. Thanks to Ryan Lochte winning the 200 meter backstoke, he is our only entry at 15, and if everything checks out, our winner of $4,500. Congrats to Stolle and a job well done!

4:14 PM ET: 15 Has Been Reached!!!
Our first Streaker (could be the only one) has reached the promise land with 15 correct picks in a row. Stolle could be the winner if rkalcorn fails to win a matchup between now and our last matchup at 10:19 p.m. Also, the winner could come from the 13 group if things fall into place based on winning PCT. Congrats for now to Stolle, 15 is impressive.

2:23 PM ET: Two Leaders Make Pick on 2:15 UEFA Cup Match
jriddell13 and Stolle are going head-to-head in the UEFA Cup match happening right now (2:15). jriddell13 has chosen FC Zurich to get the win, while Stolle chose SK Sturm Graz to win or get the draw. One will be left standing at 15 with our other leader at 14, hanging around with his pick until later. This should get interesting.

Since we have many Streakers close to our magic number of 15, it is time to remind you about the specific rules for the process of winning. Keep in mind that the first entry to 15 is NOT automatically the winner. On the rules page you can see that if 2 or more users reach 15 wins in the same day, the tiebreaker is the overall win percentage. If one entry reaches 15 on the Tigers at 1:05 and someone else wins the swimming event at 10:00, they are both eligible to win depending on who has the higher win PCT at the time they reached 15 wins. Also, if you win a 15th game today and lose on the 16th pick, you are still in the running to win the grand prize depending on other entries if they reached 15 and/or they have a better win PCT at the time on the 15th pick. I hope this clarifies any confusion you all may have.

Today's Preview: "Ground control to David Toms." Two contenders to win the Wyndham Championship tee off at 7:30 a.m. with predicted winner, Vijay Singh going up against the always dangerous, David Toms. At 8:00 a.m. the "Redeem Team" look to get revenge against the Greece team that defeated them in the 2006 FIBA championships. We put up each team's leading scorer against each other in our Streak matchup. D.Wade had 19 off the bench in the U.S. victory of Angola Tuesday while Vassilis Spanoulis of Greece had 23 in their victory over Germany. The UEFA Cup gets back under way today as well with two featured matchups. Look out for FC Honka as they receive the draw in our matchup on their home pitch. On Fox at 8:00 p.m. the Panthers travel to the land of brotherly love to take on the Eagles, who are 3 points favorites. In our late-night Olympic matchups we have American swimmer Aaron Piersol who is a 4/6 favorite in the 200 meter backstroke versus the field and we could have a Streak winner by day's end!

Best bets: Spanoulis, FC Honka, and Piersol.

Yesterday's Notes: Another great day for Streakers overall with a 74.6% overall win PCT, along with multiple 3-win day across the board including our leader, Stolle. With 13 in a row, can he make it to 15? Can he make it there before other Streakers who are at 11 and 12 get there, if at all? The biggest Streak extenders were the heavy favorites, the Red Sox and Japanese swimmer, Kosuke Kitajima. No major upsets last night but keep an eye out today.