Friday - August 15, 2008

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Beta (Insiders) Version Coming to a Close
We at Streak Headquarters want to say thank you to everyone who has participated in our Beta release of the game. We ran into a few bumps on the road but overall it was a success and will be even better for the real deal, coming out on August 25th. Thank you for all your patience during this "testing" time as well. We had about 40,000 picks made during the month and one winner who reached a streak of 15 to claim the $4,500 grand prize. The next goal is 25 in a row for 1 MILLIONS DOLLARS! Insiders have the advantage knowing what the game is all about, so use your previous entries to better your knowledge of all our matchups.

Didn't like some our matchups? Thought some were too easy? too hard? if you have any questions/matchups/different sports you would like to see be added to the game, please let us know here (or in the top-right of any page in the game). Thank you once again, talk to you all again next Monday!

Some fun facts:
The average win PCT for the Beta version: 56.6%
Highest win PCT day: July 23rd - 86.1%
Lowest win PCT day: August 9th - 20.0%