Monday - August 25, 2008

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Come One, Come All! Let's Streak for the Cash!!!

Welcome to the game, Streakers! I am your host, The StreakMaster (You can Facebook friend me, here). I will be your guide, your research and if you're ahead of me on the leaderboard--your enemy. I will be blogging around the clock (kind of like SportsCenter Steve, but cooler) to keep you up to date on injuries, extra info on our "prop" matchups and any random thoughts that come to my mind. Everyday there will be a "Today's Preview" post forcasting the day of matchups ahead loaded with stats and betting lines to help (or hurt) you. Also, every morning there will be a "Yesterday's Recap" post showing Streakers winning percentages, the biggest streakbreaker and streak extender of the day as well as updates on the leaderboards.

Go ahead, make a pick, it could be your first step toward 1 Million Dollars.

Below are a few quick bullet points not meant to substitute the Rules or How to Play pages but you should read nonetheless before you start playing.

  • You can only make one pick at a time... it's NOT a daily pick'em. You can change your pick to another matchup at any time, as long as it hasn't locked yet. When your pick goes FINAL you can pick another matchup, it's as simple as that.
  • There is no limit to the number of picks you can make each day. If you time them right on some days it will be possible to pick 4 matchups.
  • There are two contest in the game 1) first streak of 25 and 2) most wins per month.
  • There is no limit to how many or few matchups we'll offer each day. Some days we could have up to 20, while others we'll only offer 8.
  • No new matchups for the next day will be added after 11:59pm PT.
  • Each day we're going make matchups available in as many time slots as possible. As such you'll see a lot of random soccer matches. If nothing else it'll fine tune your geography and research skills.
  • You do NOT have to make a pick every day. There is no penalty for sitting on your streak waiting for the right matchup to appear.
  • In our insiders version of the game. We had a few entries with 12, 13 and 14, and our longest was 15. It is not as easy as it looks.
  • When selecting which team vs. team matchups to offer from the major sports (e.g., MLB, NFL) we'll consider the actual Vegas lines on them. In general we will rarely offer any matchups which have one clear favorite (e.g., 12-point spread), though you might see some here and there so pay attention.
  • Also pay close attention to the way the prop matchups are written. Most will be asked with the HIGHER result winning, but some (e.g., Golf) will give the win to the LOWER side.
  • The game currently does not support groups and is not part of the UBER Challenge game.
  • We'd love to hear your feedback on any and all comments/concerns/suggestions/issues/etc. Please click the "Send us your Feedback" link on the top of any page.

See what our Insider's version winner Christopher Stolle has to say about his victory (15 wins in a row!)

NFL Preseason: Which team will have the LONGEST scoring play?
On ESPN at 8:00 p.m. the Seattle Seahawks (2-0) travel to San Diego (1-1) to take on the Chargers. With the unpredictable outcomes of a preseason football game, we chose a matchup that would follow that pattern with which team will score the longest touchdown. Seattle is favored by 5.5 therefore they get the slight edge in our matchup as well.