Wednesday - August 27, 2008

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Zach Duke

Duke won the prop against Soriano, 6-3.

4:31 PM ET: Duke K's Soriano
The Streak Master looks brilliant again as Pirates pitcher Zach Duke recorded 6 strikeouts in his solid start against the first-place Cubbies. Soriano has a good day recording 2 hits, including one for a double but it was not enough. Luckily for the leaders, they stayed away from this matchup but in our afternoon matchup we have a tie game all notted at 1 going into halftime. We'll see whose left standing after the games tonight.

12:17 PM ET: Tennis Matchup Details
In regards to the 11:00 a.m. tennis matchup, we at Streak Headquarters wanted to let you all know that game tie-breakers DO count towards games won and lost. Currently, #3 Svetlana Kuznetsova seems to be running away with this matchup with already 8 games won now into the middle of her second set. Also, the "Beat The Streak Master" College Pick'em group is up, click here to enter.

11:05 AM ET: 12:00 Soccer Game Clarification
Just to clarify for those who are picking this matchup at Noon, the streak matchup provided will be the final score for the second leg only, not the aggregate. If the away team (Levski Sofia) wins 1-to-0 then there will be extra time to determine who will advance to the next round, this DOES NOT affect our matchup. Our streak matchup the match includes 90 minutes and injury time, if extra time is needed to resolve the tie on aggregate that will not be included in the final game score. Enjoy the day, Streakers!

Today's Preview
Our first "hump day" gets under way, starting at 11:00 a.m. with an interesting U.S. Open tennis prop - make sure to do your research here (hint: one is in the Men's draw and the other in the Women's... both are top-seed Russians big favorites to win). On the board at noon is a Champions League qualifying matchup between PFC Levski Sofia at FC BATE Borisov. Borisov won the first leg on the road 1-to-0, which should mean they will at least tie today but with UEFA soccer you never know. At 12:35 p.m. in Pittsburgh, Alfonso Soriano puts his .571 lifetime average against Zach Duke in a total bases vs. strikeout matchup. On ESPN's Wednesday Night Baseball, game two of what could be the last Red Sox-Yankees series at the old Yankee Stadium takes center stage with the Yankees favored at -115. Other MLB lines for the night are: Tigers -180, Mets -155, Cardinals -160. Late night under the lights in Flushing we're offering Andy Roddick total aces vs. the pesky Frenchman Fabrice Santoro's games won. We could have a 3-win day.

MLB Wednesday Night Baseball: Which combo will record MORE total bases?
Big Papi and Youk take on Giambi and his mustache along side A-Rod. Ortiz was 1-for-2 with two walks in the series opener with Youkilis going 1-for-2 as well but with three walks. On the other side, the two Yanks didn't have any hits with Giambi and A-Rod going for a combined 0-for-8. Will the Yanks big bats bounce back? (say that three times fast) Or will the Sox heavy hitters keep on rolling?

Yesterday's Notes: A nice looking scoreboard last night with a overall winning PCT of 68.4% by Streakers. We have 10 enteries with streaks of 4, nice work. The Houston Astros took home the cake as the top streak extender for the day while the New York Yankees were the top streak breakers as they took the loss at home against the Sox. Should be a interesting day today on the leaderboard by days end.