Thursday - August 28, 2008

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1:39 PM ET: Wayne Odesnik Goes Down, Takes Our Leaders With Him
Odesnik played well today at the U.S. Open and won 12 games but that was not enough as Stanislas Wawrinka put on quite a showing with 17 aces. All 4 of our leaders who had 7 wins all got knocked down from the top with the loss, also putting the Streak Masters streak to an end as well. By the way, The Streak Master will hold a live chat tomorrow morning from 10:00 am to 10:20 am. Join the chat, ask some good questions, and maybe even make a friendly wager. Join the new Facebook group.

Today's Preview
The U.S. Open starts our day off once again with American Wayne Odesnik's games won against 10th seeded Stanislas Wawrinka of Switzerland. Look for this matchup to be closer then our previous U.S. open adhocs. At 1:05 p.m. the final Sox-Yankees rivalry game at Yankee Stadium takes place with both squad's aces taking the hill. The Yankees are favored with a -125 line but the Red Sox could easy take the sweep here. College football opening night is finally here and we provided you with two matchups: UTEP +3 @ Buffalo and Oregon State -3 @ Stanford. Also, the WNBA makes its return to our game with the Silver Stars +1.5 @ Mercury. If you time it right, it is possible for a 4-win day.

NFL Preseason MIN @ DAL: Which team will have the LONGEST TOUCHDOWN play?
This matchup is a toss-up, but keep in mind the yardage only counts for a touchdown and nothing else aka field goals. Streakers seem to like the Cowboys here so far, and they are favored to win the game so they get the slight edge from the Streak Master.

Yesterday's Notes: Another solid day for Streakers with a 69.5% winning PCT. Streakers jumped on the Andy Roddick prop right away and came out victorious joining the Mets' solid win over the Phillies as the day's top streak extenders. The top streak breaker was the combo of David Ortiz and Kevin Youkilis thanks to Jason Giambi's homer in the 9th of Mike Timlin. We have three leaders sitting at 7 right now, a pretty big number in only 3 days work.