Wednesday - September 10, 2008

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Today's Preview
Welcome to a soccer and baseball filled Wednesday. Kicking off our day is the World Cup Qualifying (European Division) featuring Greece at Latvia. Both teams won their opener and although Greece seems like the obvious pick, don' underestimate Latvia at home. The Yanks try to make best out of the last few weeks of their 2008 season on the road against the Angels. With Pettitte on the hill, New York is favored at -108. Seattle, Baltimore, Toronto, and St. Louis are all favored as well.

World Cup Qualifying: Which team will record FEWER YELLOW CARDS?
With the U.S. favored to beat Trinidad & Tobago, we had to put our great sports minds to the test here at Streak Headquarters to come up with a prop for this match airing on ESPN2. Both teams have been getting a little frustrated with the referees in their past few games, so we decided to see which team will receive fewer yellow cards. Both squads had 3 in their last qualifying match, therefore it makes this matchup a toss-up.

Yesterday's Results: INSTANT STREAK CLASSIC!!! The Monarchs win in the closing seconds against the Storm in a spectacular WNBA matchup late last night, with the final score: 77-74. Both leaders whom reached 15 earlier in the day saw their streak come to an end thanks to the Storm loss. Seattle was the days top streak breaker, with 93.8% of entries taken them in this matchup. The overall win PCT finally came down to 39.8%, just where the StreakMaster likes it.