Thursday - September 11, 2008

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4:16 PM ET: StreakMaster On Fantasy Focus Tomorrow, TMR Picks UNC over Rutgers
Congrats to Streakers who chose the Minnesota Twins to have fewer errors then the KC Royals. I guess we should have put the game on the board as a straight up matchup with the Royals winning the game 3-2. Also, be sure to check out Fantasy Focus tomorrow afternoon when I join Nate Ravitz and The Talented Mr. Roto, Matthew Berry talking everything fantasy especially Streak for the Cash and taking some of your e-mails from Speaking of TMR, he is joining the 9% of entries picking North Carolina to upset Rutgers tonight on ESPN. You trust him with your fantasy teams, but do you trust him here? Find out tonight at 7:30 p.m.

Today's Preview
A bundle of evening matchups take over our board today. But first, for our lone afternoon matchup we bring out a "fewer errors" prop in Major League Baseball. Going into game three, both the Twins and Royals have had one error each. Next, choose one of our five matchups taking place between 7:00-7:30, most notably Chivas USA at New England on ESPN2 and North Carolina at Rutgers on ESPN. The MLB favorites for the night are: Brewers -118, Indians -106, White Sox -119, Cubs -133, and Giants -125.

NCAA Football: Which team will have FEWER TURNOVERS?
(1-0) North Carolina is on the road in New Jersey taking on (0-1) Rutgers, but besides the game matchup we put a "fewer turnovers" prop on the board. Both teams each had two turnovers in their first game of the season, but Rutgers should have the fewer amount of turnovers since they are favored to win the game. However, don't get too confident, stranger things have happened on our board, right Seattle Storm fans?

Yesterday's Notes: Streaker's came back with a vengence scoring a 70.6% overall winning PCT. No major upsets last night but our two leaders earlier in the day lost their streaks due to the White Sox defeating the Blue Jays 6-5. 84.2% of Streakers took the loss in this matchup, earning top streak breaker status. Our lone leader, Gibbs91588 now has 15 in a row!