Sunday- September 21, 2008

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11:52 AM ET: Clarification on Ryder Cup Saturday
After numerous comments on yesterday's Ryder Cup matchup, I wanted to clarify the issue with Streakers. The question was indeed changed after it first went up because of confusion in the wording. It was changed as quickly as possible and was not touched after the deadline (11:59 p.m.). We apologize for the change and we do our best here at Streak Headquarters to keep the game fair for all. Thank you for your understanding and enjoy some football today!

Today's Preview
For the 1:00 p.m. NFL matchups we have Kurt Warner going up against Jason Campbell for most passing yards. Warner is projected to have 270 to Campbell's 223 by our fantasy experts. For straight-up matchups the Skins -3 take on Arizona and the Vikings -3 host the Panthers. In the 4:00 slot Hines Ward goes up against the impressive rookie, DeSean Jackson for most receiving yards. Fantasy projections have Jackson winning this matchup 102 to 101. Philly is favored by 3.5 over Pittsburgh and the Ravens are favored by 2.5 over the Browns. At 8:15 the Cowboys -3 are on the road at Green Bay and T.O. takes on "I am pretty awesome" Greg Jennings in a most receptions matchup. MLB odds: Reds -120 and Rays -110.

MLB Final Game at Yankee Stadium: How many TOTAL RUNS will be scored?
Can you believe it? The final game at Yankee Stadium has finally arrived. Every sports fan should tune into the game to watch this historic game. Shockingly, the over/under for runs scored is 10 but with so much emotion that will be shown on the field and in the stands, it wouldn't surprise me in the Yankees scored 10 ny themselves.

Yesterday's Notes:
Streakers stay above .500 for the day ending with a 52.6% overall winning PCT. The top streak breaker was Iowa with a one point loss to Pitt and the top streak extender was the Georgia Bulldogs who looked awfully good on the road at ASU. Our new leader sits alone with 15 wins in a row.