Tuesday- September 23, 2008

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Today's Preview
Tuesday kicks off with a English Carling Cup matchup featuring Fulham at Burnley in third round action. Since this round is single elimination there are no draws on either side of the matchup and the game will go to penalty kicks to determine a winner if necessary. A series deciding game-three takes place tonight in Seattle where the Storm host the Sparks to see who moves on to the Western Conference Finals. Something to keep in mind: Seattle has lost in the first round in their last three playoff appearances. MLB odds for the night: Red Sox -105, Royals -125, Astros -110, Cardinals -110. Also, In a last minute change of starting pitchers for the 7:05 Cubs-Mets game (Harden being pushed back), the game has been taking off the board due to a drastic change in odds.

AL Central Battle for 1st Place: White Sox @ Twins
The White Sox are looking to hold onto their 2.5 lead over first place when they travel to Minnesota for a three-game series. Both teams are limping to the finish line but only one can make the playoffs. The Twins are favored at home at -130 but with the postseason on the line, who knows what will happen. I'd go with the Twins at home to be safe.

Yesterday's Notes:
Streakers come back strong to finish the day with a 64.5% overall winning PCT. The only big upset was our afternoon matchup with the Marlins losing to the Reds 4-2. There is now a tie on the top of the leaderboard with two Streakers at 16, lets see how long it lasts.