Monday, Nov. 10

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Brandon Jacobs and the Giants destroy another big time streak, this time with a win.

Is 21 the Unlucky Number? at 3:41 p.m. ET
We, at Streak Headquarters always talk about what goes through the minds of Streakers who hit the 20 win mark. Personally, I think it would be great to have a webcam setup to watch a leader with 21-22 wins, until he or she loses. You can't tell me that Streakers who get to 20 plus wins, are not over-thinking every pick and researching their next pick for hours or maybe even days. We now have had two Streakers who reached the 21 win mark. Maybe, a curse of 21 is beginning to form! Past leaders, let all of us know what goes through your head when you are a few picks away from a life changing amount of money.

Today's Preview:
With large lines in the NBA and NHL today, "Monday Night Football" takes control of our board. Our first prop features a "total points" matchup with the over/under currently set at 47.5 points. The StreakMaster expects a shootout here, so expect a high number of points, especially from the Cardinals.

Our Arizona-based prop features the Cardinals' total points against Amare Stoudemire's points. Stoudemire and the Suns play the Memphis Grizzlies. Stoudemire should have a big game against a weak Memphis frontcourt but I don't see him beating out Kurt Warner's Cardinals.

MNF (SF at ARI): Which running back will have a HIGHER TOTAL?
The StreakMaster put up his new favorite running back, Tim Hightower's total yards -- which is projected to be around 95 yards -- against Frank Gore's rushing yards. Gore is projected to have around 80 rushing yards but with this game expected to be a shootout, anything is possible.

Yesterday's Results:
Overall, a very nice day according to The StreakMaster. The overall winning percentage was a decent 51.1 percent but the big news was our former leader going down with his Eagles pick. May this be a lesson to Streakers, never go against the Giants when it comes to perfection and/or $1 million!