Thursday, Nov. 20

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The catch that won the "over" matchup last night... that hurts.

Ball State Remains Undefeated, Mr. 23 Speaks Out at 3:05 p.m. ET
Well that didn't work out too well. With the 31-24 victory over Central Michigan, Ball State remains unbeaten, but, they still need a lot of help to make a BCS bowl. Also, the 55 total points gave our leader sfniners_1 his 23rd straight win. The StreakMaster got a hold of Mr. 23 and asked him how he felt about his latest win, his response is below:

"It's great to know I'm only two picks from a million dollars, but I have not won anything yet. Last night was [very] nerve racking, but I've always had the theory that if a game starts off slow, the over still has a good chance of happening...I would like to tell my fellow Streakers thank you for all the support. It's pretty amazing how many people are wishing me 'good luck' and telling me they hope I win. - sfniners_1

Today's Preview:
The Montreal Canadiens (-112) at the Ottawa Senators start us off. Surprisingly, Ottawa is only 3-5-1 at home, so The StreakMaster likes Montreal here.

In the NBA, the Pistons, coming off a big win against the Cavs, try to take down the Celtics in Boston. In our assists versus winning margin prop, ESPN's AccuScore system projects that Allen Iverson will have 5.6 assists tonight, so The StreakMaster will take the Celtics winning margin.

NCAA Football: No. 23 Miami Hurricanes at Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets
The nationally ranked Hurricanes are underdogs on the road at Georgia Tech (-3.5). Georgia Tech is coming off a bad loss to UNC on Nov. 8 but they did beat Miami last season, 17-14. The StreakMaster thinks the Hurricanes are playing too well right now to go down tonight.

Yesterday's Results:
Yes, that leaderboard is correct, sfniners_1 is now at 23 wins in a row. With only two more wins to go, The StreakMaster has taken it upon himself to take him down. No more Mr. Nice Guy. No streak breakers last night, which means we have not had a major underdog victory in a long time. The StreakMaster hopes tonight will be the night!