Wednesday, Nov. 26

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Today's Preview
"Bigsam" could make a run for the million today as we have two slots available. First, we have a couple UEFA Champions League matchups with two powerhouses on the road, Chelsea and Barcelona both going against "win or draw" matchups. Don't be surprised if both of them lose or even tie.

The surprise NHL team of the year so far has to be the Boston Bruins. Too bad Vegas, doesn't like them tonight as they go against the Buffalo Sabres (-110). The StreakMaster however, likes the Bruins in this one.

NBA on ESPN: Orlando Magic at Philadelphia 76ers
The Magic have won six of their last seven and they take on a .500 team in Philadelphia, what's not to like here? The Sixers are the favorites at -2, so we might be missing something here. The two big men in the paint, Dwight Howard and Elton Brand should put on a show, that's for sure.

Yesterday's Results:
Just the kind of day The StreakMaster was looking for! The overall winning percentage was a dismal 34.5 percent. Ninety-five percent of active picks took the Warriors, who lost to the revamped Wizards. Manchester United also disappointed Streakers, with a draw on the road against Villarreal. Our leader, "Bigsam" is still at 23 wins in a row!