Sunday, Dec. 7

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Congratulations "Bigsam" at 7:35 p.m. ET
Bigsam1122 is the "unofficial" winner of ESPN's Streak for the Cash. 25 in a row sure is something, especially on a game like that. Steelers win 20-13, and "Bigsam" takes down The StreakMaster. Don't worry Streakers, we still have a monthly contest and a longest historical streak title to go for. The longest historical streak can get you $10,000!

Cowboys Turn It Around! at 6:47 p.m. ET
13-3 after quarter number three! This Cowboys defense has been dominant, and has become a new team in the second half. Although, it is not over yet with Big Ben and Co. driving towards the end zone. Should be one heck of a fourth quarter but while were here, how are you feeling "Bigsam"?

Are the Cowboys Letting the Steelers Win? 5:59 p.m. ET
How on Earth are the Cowboys still in this game after committing four turnovers in the first half? Saying the Steeler fans are not happy is an understatement, because their team cannot capitalize on the Cowboys' mistakes. Romo and company cannot play a worse half then their last one, so they definitely have a chance to win this game, even though it should have been over a while ago. Wow, 3-3, "Bigsam" must be livid!

Turning Into a Nail-Biter at 5:07 p.m. ET
All tied up at zero, but the Steelers look to be the better team so far. "Bigsam" must be getting very nervous. Three more quarters, until a possible million dollars!

"Bigsam" Takes the Steelers for Number 25! at 4:17 p.m. ET
Here we go! Our leader has picked the favored Steelers at home against the Cowboys. At game time, the Steelers are favored by four, and with Marion Barber out for the Cowboys, it looks like a solid pick to make. The StreakMaster will keep you updated throughout the game.

Today's Preview
Another day full of football - this time, the professional variety. It's a mix of straight-up contests, over/unders, and mythical matchups, with some NBA and NHL thrown in for good measure.

In early NFL action, the Falcons visit New Orleans in a key NFC South matchup. While Vegas sees the Saints as a small favorite, Streakers so far have sided with Atlanta. Have they spent too much time on Bourbon Street?

The later NFL slate features a "Who will score more?" contest between New England and the Jets. Both teams are flying to the West Coast to take on NFC West competition. Can the disappointing Seahawks stop the Patriots? Will the 49ers slow down Brett Favre? Weather could play a key role here.

Cowboys visit Pittsburgh to take on the Steelers
While Dallas is a longshot to win the division, they can give their wild card hopes a big boost with a win over the Steelers. Pittsburgh is favored by a field goal, and is looking to stay ahead of the Ravens in the AFC North.

The Ravens, meanwhile, host the Redskins in the night game. Streakers have the option of predicting whether the total score will be more or less than 34.5 points.

Yesterday's Results
A tough day for Streakers as they were on the wrong side of most of the early matches. Once again, there were few changes at the top of the Leaderboard.