Monday, Dec. 8

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First purchase of "Bigsam's" million dollars should be a Romo jersey, thanking him for all his help.

Streak for the Cash Winner, Pending Eligibility at 3:31 p.m. ET
We now know the name of our grand-prize winner! Samuel Louis Charles of North Miami Beach, Florida, reached 25 wins in a row last night after the Steelers came back to defeat the Dallas Cowboys, 20-13. Pending prize eligibility, Charles will be on his way to ESPN Studios in Bristol, CT! Although, the million dollars has been won, there is still a $10,000 prize out there for the longest historical streak, which "Bigsam" will not be eligible for, so everyone has a chance!

Today's Preview
The English Premier League kicks the day off with a "winner" battle between Tottenham and West Ham United. The odds are dead even but with West Ham at home, The StreakMaster gives them the edge.

In NBA action, a "higher total" prop starts things off with Emeka Okafor's rebounds against the Miami Heat's winning margin. The Heat are favored by 7.5, while Okafor averages 10.6 rebounds a game. Our "straight up" matchup features the Magic (-4.5) at the Clippers.

Our NHL matchup features the Nashville Predators (-115) at the St. Louis Blues.

"Monday Night Football" (Tampa Bay at Carolina): Which running back will have "more yards total?"
Two very talented running backs face off in "more total yards" battle with both backs projected to go for at least 110 yards. The StreakMaster believes DeAngelo Williams will get more touches, which in turn means a higher total in his eyes.

Don't forget the MNF game is a "straight up" matchup as well with the Panthers favored by three.

Yesterday's Results
If you have not checked the board lately, Bigsam1122 reached 25 wins in a row! As for the rest of you Streakers, there is still a chance for a longest historical streak as well as the December wins per month title.