Wednesday, Dec. 17

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Today's Preview
Welcome to our "NBA Extravaganza!" For both our NBA games on ESPN, we have added five props for each. Every matchup in these two games will be available for Streakers because The StreakMaster will adjust the starting times for each prop as the games go on. With 10 possible wins for these two NBA games, paired with two different soccer time slots, it could be a 12-win day!

Our first soccer match at 11 a.m. ET, with a round of 16 Coppa Italia "total goals" matchup featuring Fiorentina and Torino. Oddsmakers have the line listed at 2.5 goals but doesn't it seem like most of these matchups go "over"?

In the afternoon we have two UEFA Cup matches with both home teams favored. One of the Streakers' favorite teams, AC Milan headlines the board favored over VFL Wolfsburg.

NHL favorites for the night: Sabres, Wild and Rangers.

NBA (Boston at Atlanta): Which team will make the "first 3-pointer in the first quarter?"
Streak for the Cash and the NBA is where "Wow, I just won ten matchups in a row" happens. Most of our matchups for both NBA games are toss ups but there is a chance someone will win all 10. The StreakMaster's advice: Do your research, and hope you get lucky! Best Bets: Hawks more 3's, 2-pointers, Celtics more 2nd quarter points, Joe Johnson, Al Horford, Spurs first free throw, Hornets score last, Parker more second quarter points, Ginobili fewer fouls and Spurs last rebound. Good luck!

Yesterday's Results
Streakers fell below .500 again, finishing the night off with a 49.7 overall winning percentage. The Chicago Bulls were the day's top streak breaker while, Kobe Bryant was the top extender. Get ready for a lot of movement on the leaderboards after tonight.