Saturday, Dec. 20

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Today's Preview
Bowl season is upon us! Saturday's card includes three bowl games that you can view on ESPN. There's also a wide array of NBA, NHL, college hoops, and morning soccer. With fifteen matchups in total, every Streaker should find something to his liking.

We're back to England in the early morning, this time for an ESPN360 matchup between Birmingham City and Reading FC. With the host team a sizable favorite, we're giving Reading the draw as well. You'll want to get your pick in early for this one - it begins at 7:45 AM.

At 11 am, Wake Forest meets Navy in the inaugural EagleBank Bowl. The game is at RFK Stadium, so we're figuring that the crowd will be behind the Midshipmen. On the other hand, Navy's rushing attack is not suited for big comebacks, so if the Deacon Demons get an early lead, Navy will be in trouble.

The middle of the day is a basketball fan's dream come true as three different college games match ranked teams. First, Xavier meets Duke at the Izod Center in East Rutherford, NJ. This game will match Duke's high-scoring offense against a stifling Xavier defense. Later, UConn travels to Seattle to take on Gonzaga in what yours truly expects to be the most exciting game of the day. Will Josh Heytvelt take his game outside to avoid the imposing Hasheem Thabeet? The trifecta finishes with Syracuse visiting Memphis State in an ESPN broadcast. The #8 Orange may be without their leading scorer, so you'll want to check the latest information before making a selection here.

Las Vegas Bowl: #16 BYU vs. Arizona
The Cougars are gunning for their fourth straight Las Vegas Bowl victory, while the Wildcats are playing their first post-season game in a decade. The early returns show Streakers preferring BYU by an over 20-1 margin! This stands in stark contrast to the Vegas line, which makes the Wildcats about a field goal favorite. Lines aside, this will be settled on the field starting at 8 PM. ESPN carries the broadcast.

Yesterday's Results
Streakers are officially in a slump. Another bright morning (Hartlepool's easy win over Southend) quickly dissolved in a morass of Bucks, Spiders, and Heat. By the time the day was done, Streakers were once again under 45%.