Thursday, Dec. 25

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Mavs hit final shot to determine Christmas Day Streak winner at 1:17 a.m.
With one matchup left, there were two possible winners. Jason Kidd scored the final point of the game on a free throw to make user fennemike our unofficial winner pending verification of picks and eligibility. Streakers also set a record for the most selections made in a single day, and finished with a 46% winning percentage. Thanks to everyone who participated in our Christmas Day basketball extravaganza! We're back to business as usual tomorrow.

Home Stretch update at 11:52 p.m.
Antawn won the battle 4-3, but Mo won the war as the Cavs came back in exciting fashion to defeat the Wizards. The venue is now Portland, where the Mavs and the Trail Blazers conclude a very full day of NBA action. Portland won the race to 10 with little trouble before Dallas started to fight back, and eventually take the lead. The second quarter matchup between Nowitzki and Roy looked like it could go either way, and ended up producing the highest-scoring player contest of the day as Dirk came out on top, 10-7. With two matchups left to be determined, the Christmas Day Leaderboard has two clear front-runners. It could all come down to the final basket of the day - literally!

Wizards, Butler score Streak upsets at 9:17 p.m.
Washington was ready to play right out of the gate, and it showed as they quickly ran out to a 12-2 lead, dashing the hopes of more than 90% of the Streakers with perfect records up to that point. Then, Caron Butler's two second-quarter points was enough to tie an unusually quiet LeBron James - that did in the four remaining 10-0 Streakers. However, there's still plenty on the line, and the top of the leaderboard is tight. Next up is the third-quarter matchup between Antawn Jamison and Mo Williams. Antawn shook off an early finger injury to score 17 first-half points, leading all players. Will he maintain the hot hand, or will Streakers look elsewhere for Mo money?

Kobe outscores Pierce; Pau thins leaderboard at 7:17 p.m.
The Celtics-Lakers game has lived up to its billing, as every time Los Angeles threatens to go ahead by more than a few points, Boston responds. The Lakers lead by four after three quarters. Most Streakers were pleased when Kobe outscored Paul Pierce 6-2 in the second quarter, and the leaderboard was packed with perfect 8-0 records for the day. Alas (for the majority), in an exciting battle, Gasol edged out Kevin Garnett in Q3, with the winning margin a single free throw capping a rare two-player three-point play. The Streak now rests until the Cavs and Wizards tip off in a matchup that so far has Streakers picking Cleveland by an overwhelming 99-1 margin.

Parker beats Nash and Spurs win thriller; Lakers first to 10 in battle with Boston at 5:33 p.m.
The Q3 matchup between Tony Parker and Steve Nash was in doubt until the last few minutes, when Parker decided to force the action from his PG position. The result made Streakers happy, as they sided with the Spurs playmaker by a 4-1 margin. Attention then shifted to the Celtics-Lakers matchup, where Streakers split down the middle trying to decide which team would make double-digits first. The Lakers made it on a flying Bynum dunk.

Suns start out hot; Duncan keeps the game close in Q2 at 3:44 p.m.
The race to ten was never in doubt as Phoenix scored the first 11 points of the game. The Spurs battled back, and have kept the game close since then, trailing by six at halftime. In the Streak's second quarter matchup, Tim Duncan scored five points with a couple buckets in the key and a free throw, and that was enough as Stoudemire sat out much of the second frame and ended up with only one made jumper. Looking ahead, Streakers are going strongly with Tony Parker over Steve Nash in the third quarter.

Hornets mount comeback in third quarter at 2:03 p.m.
New Orleans easily wins our Q3 prop as they start to find the range from long distance. Orlando still carries a 19-point lead into the fourth quarter. The Streak, meanwhile, takes a short break until the Spurs and Suns tip off in approximately 40 minutes.

Orlando first to 10, Howard wins second quarter at 1:15 p.m.
Orlando came out with a vengeance, and now has a 30 point lead at halftime! The second quarter matchup between Chris Paul and Dwight Howard was closer, as both players started on the bench. Neither one had scored until Superman slammed one home with 3:47 left in the period. He followed that up with two more quick buckets, and while CP3 had a couple late baskets of his own, it wasn't enough as Howard won the quarter six points to four.

Today's Preview
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Welcome to our NBA Christmas Day Streak Contest! As you can see there are 16 matchups on the board today and if you win all 16, you win $100,000 and a trip to this years NBA All-Star Game. Each matchup will have its time-slot adjusted if necessary for Streakers to pick every matchup on the board. If nobody can guess all 16 correctly, the longest streak of the day will receive $10,000 and the trip to Phoenix for the NBA All-Star Game as well. Good luck to all!

The StreakMaster's best bets: Hornets first 10, Howard 2nd Q pts, Hornets 3rd Q pts, Spurs first 10, Amare 2nd Q pts, Parker 3rd Q pts, Celtics first 10, Pierce 2nd Q pts, Garnett 3rd Q pts, Cavs first 10, LBJ 2nd Q pts, Mo Williams 3rd Q pts, Portland first 10, Roy 2nd Q pts, Aldridge 3rd Q pts, and Dallas final point of the game (in a loss).

Yesterday's Results
Wow, was Notre Dame impressive or what? Sure, they didn't beat Penn State or USC tonight but they looked great in Hawaii. That being said, Streakers overall went against the Irish, and that is the reason why yesterday's overall winning percentage was only 37 percent. "Let's hear it for ol' Notre Dame..." Too soon?