Friday, Dec. 26

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Today's Preview
Soccer in the morning, NBA and NHL in the evening, and an ESPN bowl game as well. We've put up two English Premier League matches, and attentive Streakers should be able to make picks in both of them.

In the aforementioned footie, we've put up an 8:00 AM match between West Ham and Porstmouth, and then a 12:15 PM match between Arsenal and surprising Aston Villa. The latter game is straight up, with a draw counting as a push for either side.

At 4:00 PM we've got two ice offerings taking place next door to each other. The Islanders host the Leafs, while the Devils take on the visiting Penguins.

Motor City Bowl: Florida Atlantic vs. Central Michigan
Everyone expects a lot of points in this game, and for good reason: Central Michigan and Florida Atlantic scored a total of 109 points in their respective final games of the season. And Central Michigan lost! They'll have the home crowd behind them as they host the Owls, but Howard Schnellenberger is no stranger to big games. The Streak wouldn't be surprised to see this one over 50 points - at halftime! The game starts at 7:30 PM on your favorite sports network.

Yesterday's Results
Oh, just a bit of NBA... The Streak's Christmas Day Streak special went down to the wire on a day where a record was set by Streakers for most picks made. Read yesterday's blog entry for further details.