Monday, Jan. 19

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What a Loser, I Mean...Losing Streak! at 10:55 a.m. ET
If you like losing, then democratJFK has all the advice you need. She is now sitting on a 22 game losing streak. The StreakMaster is assuming she is trying to lose but if not, that's some awful luck. Um, keep up the good work?

Today's Preview
The NBA celebrates Martin Luther King Day with rare weekday afternoon games. We've put many of these on our Monday slate (some as props) to go along with soccer, tennis, NHL, and college hoops. We've also added a rare women's basketball matchup between the top two college teams in the country.

Our day starts off in New York, where the Chicago Bulls travel to take on the Knicks. Early Streakers are favoring the Bulls, while odds makers see it the other way around.

Our lone soccer match begins at 3 p.m. and it involves the English Premier League's biggest surprise -- Liverpool. They are expected to defeat Everton rather easily, so we've made it a total goals matchup.

Women's NCAA Basketball -- No. 1 Connecticut at No. 2 North Carolina
Catch the action on ESPN2 for what is without doubt the biggest game of the regular season. Both teams sport gaudy 17-0 records and are the consensus top two teams. While Connecticut owns every No. 1 vote, they also must do without the services of starter Caroline Doty, who tore her ACL on Saturday. Do they have enough in reserve to beat North Carolina in Chapel Hill?

We go from the two best women's basketball teams to perhaps the two best basketball players on the planet. We've matched up Kobe and LeBron in a scoring contest as the Cavs visit the Lakers. The game starts at 10:30 p.m. on TNT.

Yesterday's Results
After Minnesota and Philadelphia lost, it was looking disastrous for Streakers, but a partial comeback was salvaged when the Miami Heat and Pittsburgh Steelers rewarded their backers. By the end of the day, Streakers had climbed back to about 40 percent.