Saturday, Jan. 24

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Today's Preview
Hockey is still on hiatus, so the middle of the day is primarily hoops. There's also two tennis matches (one of them very early), an FA Cup match, golf, and late-night boxing. A salmagundi of choices!

In the earliest (or is it the latest?) matchup we've ever played, Richard Gasquet of France takes on Chilean Fernando Gonzalez in third round Australian Open action. The match is scheduled to begin at 3:30 a.m. in Margaret Court Arena.

The Streak then touches down in England where Swansea City visits Portsmouth in an FA Cup battle. With Portsmouth the heavy favorite, Swansea gets the draw.

California is our next destination - we've pitted Jason Gore against Brian Gay in a fourth round scoring matchup. If Dan Quayle's handicap was just a bit lower we might have gone for a Gore-Quayle matchup instead!

NCAA basketball - UCLA Bruins at Washington Huskies
After some early-season slipups, the Huskies have righted the ship and will be at home against the Bruins. We at the Streak see the key to this game as whether Washington freshman guard (and leading scorer) Isaiah Thomas will be able to score against Collison and Holiday. This could be the game where Thomas announces himself to most of the country.

We finish up our night back in SoCal, this time at the Staples Center where Antonio Margarita faces veteran Shane Mosley. In our matchup Streakers can choose whether Margarita wins by decision or not. So far, Streakers are leaning heavily to the not.

Yesterday's Results
The Streak demolished the Streakers on Friday in a mauling that reminded Streak HQ of the most recent California-Washington football game. Unfortunately for the Streakers, the Streak had no equivalent to taking Jahvid Best out at halftime. Streakers had a faint spark of hope when LeBron seemed to be out to a large lead over Jamal Crawford, but alas that matchup was cancelled (as per the Rules) due to Crawford's pre-game injury. For the day, Streakers finished at an execrable 12 percent.