Friday, Jan. 30

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Today's Preview
Friday morning and afternoon has tennis, golf, and soccer; the evening is basketball plus one hockey game.

In what's getting to be a habit, the Streak has put up a 3:30 a.m. tennis proposition for the Australian Open semifinal between Nadal and Verdasco -- will Rafa sweep? So far Streakers strongly believe that he will.

The PGA is in Scottsdale for the FBR Open. We're offering two different matchups -- the early one is a quick 9-hole matchup between Ryuji Imada and J. B. Holmes. If you prefer a more stately pace, you can Streak the full 18 with either Vaughn Taylor or Briny Baird. Of course, if you're like most Streakers, you'll just play them both!

Friday's soccer ventures to Germany where Bundesliga powerhouse (or should that be powerhaus?) Bayern Munich visits Hamburg SV. This time the home team gets the draw, but that's not dissuading Streakers from backing Klinsmann's squad.

NBA (Boston Celtics at Detroit Pistons) -- Rajon Rondo vs. Rodney Stuckey
For this ESPN game we're pitting two young guards against each other and we're counting points and assists. Rondo has been hot along with the rest of the Celts in recent games, but Stuckey can flat-out score when he's called on.

Our second ESPN game is in the Big Easy as the Hornets host the Warriors. Once again we're matching the players instead of the teams -- this time it's Chris Paul vs. Jamal Crawford, with the latter getting his assists as well as his points. Crawford was injured before the game started the last time we tried to use him and we had to call it off -- hopefully the Streak isn't Crawford's personal jinx.

Yesterday's Results
It was an up and down day, with Streakers getting big wins behind Clemson and Gonzaga, but also suffering at the hands of Idaho and Roger Federer. When all was said and done Streakers were a touch better than 47 percent.