Sunday, Feb. 8

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Today's Preview
Streakers demanded; we listened: the Streak now includes bowling!

Sunday's EPL matchup is a total goals proposition. Manchester United visits West Ham, and Streakers get to decide whether at least three goals will be scored in the match. So far, they're going with the over.

At 1:00 p.m., the Spurs visit Boston in an ABC game. With Boston a heavy favorite, we've made it a player contest instead - Tim Duncan vs. Paul Pierce in a more-points affair.

If you'd rather watch a smaller ball, the Streak is offering a proposition for the final round of the Buick Open. It's pick a winner - one side gets John Rollins, and the other side gets everyone else. Rollins holds a three-stroke lead after three rounds.

On the flip side, if you prefer the big ball, turn your TV to ESPN where the PBA Dick Weber Open stepladder finals can be seen. Norm Duke gained the top spot during match play, and Streakers can select whether he'll win the championship game or not.

NBA (Los Angeles Lakers at Cleveland Cavaliers) - Kobe Bryant vs. LeBron James
We've doubled up on the second half of ABC's NBA doubleheader - you can choose the game or the game within the game. The two top MVP candidates will be on national TV and neither one ever backs down. While the Streak isn't sure who's going to win this more-points matchup, we are predicting that both players go for at least 35 points.

Yesterday's Results
Bulldogs won, Bulldogs lost, and The Dentist gave Mac Danzig Blood and Tears. It was a highly entertaining day all the way through Long Beach State's one-point double-OT win over Pacific. The top of the Leaderboard took a couple hits, but other Streakers took their places on a day where the final Streaker percentage was just a touch under 50 percent.