Sunday, Mar. 1

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Today's Preview
The usual fine fare - final rounds of golf tourneys, European soccer, PBA, NASCAR, and lots of basketball.

Geoff Ogilvy and Paul Casey are the last two men standing in the WGC Match Play Championships. They'll tangle for a scheduled 36 holes in the Arizona sun - with Geoff a decent favorite, he'll need to win by hole 33 in our matchup.

We've got a doubleshot of soccer this Sunday. We open with an EPL total-goals matchup for the Aston Villa - Stoke City tilt. Then we added a rare afternoon contest between Inter Milan and AS Roma - a match this compelling couldn't be left off the slate.

Richard Hamilton is right back up on the Streak. Following Friday's triumph, this time he takes on Ray Allen in a points-plus-assists affair. The Streak expects him to be in the starting lineup again, but playing at Boston can take a toll on one's statistics.

PBA (Indianapolis) - Will Wes Malott win the Etonic Marathon Open?
Our sponsored matchup goes 16 pounds large as Big Wes will try to win the stepladder finals from his top position. It won't be easy, though - his most likely candidate is PDW, who's been on his own roll (haha) lately.

Yesterday's Results
Streakers continued their losing ways, finishing under 40 percent for a second straight day. Much of the blame goes to Arizona State, who fell in overtime to the surging Washington State Cougars.