Saturday, Mar. 14

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WBC matchup cancelled updated at 7:31 p.m.
Dustin Pedroia has been scratched from Team USA's lineup, so anyone selecting that matchup has been given a push and may select another matchup.

Today's Preview
College basketball continues to dominate the slate as Championship Week nears its conclusion. We've also snuck in a couple golf props, a soccer match, an NBA game and some hockey. The highlight of the day is, of course, curling.

Our soccer match is early in the morning, but it's worth missing breakfast for - EPL powerhouses Manchester United and Liverpool face off at Old Trafford. United has been unstoppable lately, so we're giving Liverpool the draw - will it be enough?

Eldrick "Tiger" Woods is on the board for a third straight day - will Saturday be the charm? Once again the Streak challenges him to shoot 67 or better, and once again the Early Streakers are saying "No!".

Curling returns - this time it's the men who are sliding the stone in Calgary. Upstart Manitoba looks to make it through to the next round of the playoffs, but standing in their way is skip Brad Gushue and the rest of his Newfie team.

With the top three seeds eliminated, the Pac-10 Tournament will be won by either Arizona State or USC. While just about everyone expects the Sun Devils to have a lock on the NCAA Tourney, the Trojans are in a much more precarious position and could well need to win this game to avoid the NIT.

Championship Week - Larger Margin of Victory: Temple vs. Missouri
At 6 p.m., ESPN and ESPN2 bring you two different conference championship games. Both games have favorites - Temple over Duquesne in the Atlantic 10 final, and Missouri over Baylor in the Big 12 final. Streakers can choose which favorite they think will win by more points. As always, a loss is considered a 0 margin of victory.

Yesterday's Results
Streakers shot 60 percent for the second straight day, narrowly avoiding losses when Florida State won in the last few seconds of regulation and the Detroit Pistons pulled out a victory in overtime. Still, Syracuse's upset of West Virginia did some damage to the Leaderboard, and only one user has a current streak that's more than 15 wins.