Sunday, Apr. 5

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Today's Preview
The debut of Major League Baseball, women's Final Four, the PBA's U.S. Open - it's another huge day at Streak Headquarters. We may even slip in a late golf matchup if the stars align correctly.

Curling is early, and again we've got the Germans. Fresh off their Streak loss to the Americans, they'll see if they fare any better against the Swiss. First stone slides at approximately 7:30 a.m. - don't miss it!

Sunday's EPL matchup is between two quality squads as Wigan Athletic travels to Everton. The road team gets the draw.

Norm Duke rolls for his second straight U.S. Open in North Brunswick, New Jersey. Norm earned the top position in the stepladder finals, but looming in the third spot is 2008 Player of the Year Chris Barnes. Streakers can choose between Norm and Not-Norm.

Major League Baseball - Atlanta Braves at Philadelphia Phillies
The baseball season opens up with the World Series champions hosting the Braves. The probably starting pitchers are Derek Lowe and Brett Myers.

The Warriors visit the Kings to cap off the night. Early Streakers love the Warriors, but others may want to consider that Golden State has only six road wins all season.

Yesterday's Results
Buoyed by a generous straight-up matchup between UNC and Villanova, Streakers cruised to a 63 percent day. It's time for Streak Headquarters to tighten up the matchups!