Saturday, Apr. 18

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Today's Preview
Saturday's main dish is the NBA playoffs, but there are plenty of sides with golf, soccer, baseball, racing, and NHL playoffs all in the Streak.

Our first matchup is a quick nine at Hilton Head. Aaron Baddeley and Justin Leonard both make repeat Streak appearances.

A few minutes later, it's our Saturday English Premier League game. Bolton played one of the more amazing league games of the year last week when they scored three times in the last few minutes to throw a huge scare in to Chelsea. This time they'll be looking to complete the deal at Portsmouth, and on the Streak they'll get the draw as well.

The first NBA game of the day is an early ESPN special. NBA champions Boston open up their title defense against the Chicago Bulls. On the Streak, we're pitting Derrick Rose (points AND assists) against Paul Pierce (points only). With Garnett out, look for The Truth to pick up the scoring slack.

NBA Playoffs - Dallas Mavericks at San Antonio Spurs
At 8 p.m. (also on ESPN) the Streak showcases this Texas-sized battle. While the pundits and the oddsmakers have the Spurs as the favorites, the Mavs have been hot and Ginobili is done. The Streak will be surprised if this one doesn't come down to the last minute of play.

That's still not all for the NBA - Houston visits Portland in the nightcap, and once again the Streak is putting it on the board as a straight winner matchup. Early Streakers see the Blazers as the safe pick, siding with the home team by a 9-1 margin.

Yesterday's Results
An up-and-down day, as Streakers won most of the early matchups but were cost dearly when the A's topped the Jays. It was even going in to the final two baseball games of the night, and when the Mariners and Giants both held on to win, Streakers ended up in the black at 51 percent.