Saturday, Apr. 25

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Draft 2009 Streak completed updated at 8:33 p.m.
Thanks to all the Streakers who participated! Sunday's slate will be back to normal, starting with the Phillies and Marlins at approximately noon.

Today's Preview
It's the 2009 Pro Football Draft. ESPN has the top analysts and reporters for the preview, then brings you the event itself throughout the afternoon and evening with its live coverage. One of Saturday's top pickers will win a cool five thousand bucks for their prognosticating prowess - check out the Rules for details. Matchups will be added throughout the day as the draft develops. The matchups will also count towards monthly and overall Streaks and records. Good luck!

The first five matchups are already on the board - can you figure out who the #2 pick will be? Jason Smith is the heavy favorite according to both Kiper and McShea, but the Rams are also rumored to have an interest in Mark Sanchez.

Yesterday's Results
Streakers were solid on Friday, winning almost all the matchups on their way to a 60 percent mark.