Wednesday, May 6

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Today's Preview
Ladies and Gentlemen, it is the StreakMaster's birthday. To honor this special occasion, we have another round of 10 matchups in three windows.

We start at 2:45 p.m. ET with our second UEFA Champions League semi-final with Barcelona at Chelsea. The first leg was 0-0, which means the winner of this match will go to the finals.

Our first evening time-slot is jam-packed starting with NHL superstars, Alexander Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby going at it in a "more points" matchup in game three. If you want to stay away from hockey we also have the Magic at the Celtics (-3).

On our late-night menu, we have the Rangers at the A's and Ron Artest's field goals against the Lakers winning margin. The Lakers are favored by 10 at home while Ron Artest had 8 field goals in game one.

Wednesday Night Baseball (Phillies @ Mets): Which SIDE will record a HIGHER TOTAL?
For our game of the night, we have Johan Santana's strikeouts going against the Phillies total hits. Johan averages about 9 strikeouts a game while the Phillies usually get around 8 hits per game against the Mets.

Yesterday's Results
Streakers finished the day with an even 60% overall winning percentage. The top breaker were the Red Wings who dropped game three to the Ducks 2-1.