Sunday, May 10

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Today's Preview
Staying in our usual groove with soccer, golf, NBA and NHL playoffs, and lots of baseball.

Our early golf is again nine holes only. The Big Easy goes against Geoff Ogilvy; tee time is 10:35 a.m.

If you'd rather play the soccer match, EPL powerhouses Chelsea and Arsenal play at 11. Chelsea has been in better form this year, but the match is at Arsenal, so we're leaving the draw as a push.

Three hours later, we come back with more golf and more soccer. We couldn't leave the AC Milan-Juventus match off our slate (Juventus getting the draw); we've also put Alex Cejka against the field (including Mr. Woods) at the Players Championship.

Has Christmas come early? The Streak is listing the Lakers and the Rockets as a straight-up matchup despite reports that Yao will miss the rest of the playoffs. Catch the game on ABC.

Sunday Night Baseball - Tampa Bay Rays at Boston Red Sox
Both teams have been knocking the ball around on offense lately; Sunday's game may be a lower-scoring affair with aces Garza and Beckett scheduled to take the mound. Evan Longoria already has 21 RBIs against the Red Sox this season.

Yesterday's Results
Streakers were on the wrong side of almost all the matchups, and ended up under 40 percent for the day. The biggest culprits were the Boston Red Sox and Aston Villa.