Tuesday, May 12

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Today's Preview
Another board dominated by playoff hockey and basketball. Who doesn't love that?

We get started at 2:45 p.m. with the semi-finals of the English League Championship. It is the 2nd leg therefore we only ask for the winner of our matchup in the 90+ minutes of regulation time.

Both NHL game six's make the board as well. The Bruins (-115) are at the Hurricanes and the Red Wings (-150) are on the road at the Ducks.

For NBA matchups we have game five of the Magic-Celtics listed as "straight up" while we match up the Lakers winning margin against Luis Scola's points. Here's a little hint: the Lakers are favored by 12 in the game.

Plenty of MLB matchups as well, including a player prop between Carlos Lee and Todd Helton. Both players' batting averages are over .333, so expect them to put up some big numbers.

MLB (Reds @ Diamondbacks): Which SIDE will record a HIGHER TOTAL?
Dan Haren has been pitching lights-out all season, although thanks to his team's weak hitting, he is only 3-3 on the season. He averages around 7 strikeouts per start, and gives up around 4 hits a start. Can his bullpen help him out tonight? You be the judge.

Yesterday's Results
Streakers took a step back yesterday, finishing with a 45.3 overall winning percentage. Middlesbrough and the Mets were the day's top streak breakers.

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